Branding is everything that the fashion world denotes! So today ladies we are going to find out what in the heaven inspires the retailers to put that hefty price label on a hand bag? And, why are branded bags so expensive?

Brief History of Handbags

Bags were a part of an attire since the 16th century however the term “handbag” was first used in the early 1900’s. It was referred to any kind of hand-held luggage bags (at that time typically carried by men).

The 50’s era witnessed surfacing of some elite designer houses including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes and the 60’s saw the breakdown of old notions of the classical and the rise of youth culture.

As we moved further along the century people were more and more into the concept of “self-sufficient” especially for women. Having a handbag was more like having your own money with you that “empowered” them psychologically.

Buying a Handbag

why branded handbags are so expensive

How would you typically buy a handbag?

You will scan through  multiple options thinking of various factors at once such as size, texture, quality, closure styling, colour and most importantly how long is it going to last? 

Now by any chance if you made a bad choice due to any reason you are going to regret that purchase for about a week, month or even an year depending on your love quotient for that bag 😉 Aren’t ya? Well we all do! Because of the simple fact that we want our hard earned money invested well especially in the items we adore and would love to flaunt as a part of our personality. Although if you are looking for some good buying tips for handbags you can head straight here others please continue reading as we are on a quest of resolving the mystery of why branded bags are so damn expensive?

The Psychology Behind Buying a Branded Handbag ​

Ah! The glory that this brings is actually priceless. Unlike a regular handbag store a branded handbag store is designed differently. It is designed to give you the feeling of being elite in society. They make you feel that you have not bought but “earned” that bag since every other person won’t carry that label. The simple reasons of why you pay a lot lot more for a Gucci or a Chanel bag than less expensive brands like Kate Spade or Fossil!

  • Showing off personal taste
  • World-class customer and after sales service – like smaller brands these high end labels don’t “shoo” their precious customers away once the goods are sold!
  • The duration of the label in the industry, the time spent in the industry displays their expertise in the field
  • Custom made quality that will most probably last a lifetime
  • Backed by a niche designer name that will do anything to keep their name in good books of their high end clients
  • Uniqueness – Materials (zippers, lining, buttons, stitching) used are not manufactured in bulk but in certain numbers only and are done by hand, so there is no chance that you step out of that door and see another 100 girls carrying the same style
  • Investment –  With a Gucci bag you do not run to the handbag story every other day for whatsoever reason. It will be an investment in your wardrobe

Summing it up...

So the big question is Should you invest in a full price branded label! The answer is definitely yes! If you can, why not? Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci are all some of the giants in the luxury handbags industry that you want to explore.

Buying luxury handbags is a dream for many of us and if you get this opportunity definitely indulge yourself. 

Wishing you a luxury handbag of yours! Enjoy these luxury handbag buying videos 

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