Ever bought that gorgeous shirt or a dress online only to realize later that no matter how gorgeous it looked online or in store it is actually transparent! Learn how to wear sheer clothing with perfection!

Now you could do two things, either return this fabulous piece of clothing and sulk later on OR simply dress it the right way and make your other envy of how creative or stylish you are when it comes to dressing up!

Summers have arrived and going sheer is nothing new that you have not heard of. However you want to know how to dress that sheer clothing right, so let’s quickly start and get you set…

Printed Fabrics Will Appear Less See-through

If you love sheer but hate to show too much skin. Go for a busier print on the fabric. Some good examples would be to go for animal prints, geometrical pattern or floral.

Layering is Your Saviour - to Help Your Sheer Clothing Look Chic

If your sheer clothing is a thicker fabric then you want to choose a lighter layer underneath. However if your sheer clothing is feathery light, then you will want to select a heavier tank top or camisole that will give a justified base to your sheer clothing.

Contrasts Between Opaque and Sheer

You can also create bold and beautiful looks by pairing sheer tops with dark opaque bottoms,, making sure you play saint and sinner at the same time.

No matter how much runway trends inspire you, sheer is not something everyone is comfortable with. But after knowing all these tips you know exactly how to wear that sheer clothing with perfection and style. So wait no more…

Add a Cardigan or a Shrug

A lower neckline sheer top can be beautifully put together with an opaque lightweight cardigan/shrug. This is just another way of adding some fun to your sheer top.

Experimenting with Textures as a Base

Another interesting way to give extra oomph to your sheer outfit is add some textural weight to it. For this you can either add a textured base underneath or a textured jacket over. This won’t only cover your sheer top with style but will also allow you to flaunt just the right amount of skin without going overboard.

To Wrap

No matter how much you love your feminine side, wearing see-through or sheer clothing can be quite intimidating at first but styled right you can avoid any oops moments. Balance is the keyword here, showing just the right amount of sheer clothing in contrast with the opaques you can be the style diva in no time!

Here are some topmost sheer looks right from the runway

Still Unsure… Follow These Pinterest Mood Boards for some visual treats 🙂

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