Ways To Get Your Home Diwali Ready 2020 – Tips & More

You might get the urge to do something special each Diwali and Diwali 2019 is almost here isn’t it? Read on to explore ideas to get your home Diwali ready!

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Diwali 2019

Diwali is just around the corner, and most of you must be busy dusting your homes adding festive touches and buying decoratives that you will be using. In addition to welcoming Maa Laxmi we will be also inviting the divine gods to lighten up our lives! 

For me, this somewhat classic feeling of getting my home festival ready has this special connection to my childhood where festival of lights was welcomed with arms wide open.

Today we explore the top 10 ways to get your home Diwali ready!

Clutter Free

Minimalism is the new clean. Instead of putting a lot of items in one place go for subtle, minimalist placement. It doesn’t just look clean, it gives a sense of larger space.

Get Rid of the Old – Welcome the New

Anything that is not serving its purpose in your house, you need to get rid of it. Get rid of the old-torn doormats, rusted metal, kitchen utensils you don’t use can be donated or given away, faded curtains bed sheets need to leave. Needless to say Diwali is a beautiful occasion that bring in the positive vibes, it’s time to renew you home vibrations with happy, new and beautiful stuff!

Sanitize Your Home – All purpose cleaner

This is the time to bring out your mosquito sprays and get rid of mosquitoes, use a homemade all purpose spray to clean your home stains. If you have various types of surfaces that have stains that just won’t leave then here is a list of household cleaners that will help you get your home Diwali ready!


Most used and most overlooked place in the house is your kitchen. Make sure you clean it, replace any old containers that are broken, chipped or stained(that cannot be cleaned). Refill food items. Add a hint of floral, a vase to brighten up your kitchen. Read here for some more tips and tricks for your kitchen.


Our life becomes so busy that we sometimes overlook the condition of our plants in the house. But dead and wilted plants ruin the energy of your house. If a plant’s health is deteriorating you must treat it right, and if you realize it is too late then a dead plant must be moved out of the house. Bring in new plants that are easy to maintain especially if you do not have the time and energy to invest in it. Keep a nice mix of flowering and air purifier plants for indoors


Once you have made your house squeaky clean it’s time to move to decorating it and energizing it with new positive vibrations. Try these tips and start the celebrations of Diwali 2019.

Children’ Room

These tiny little tots can often go crazy during Diwali and end up getting hurt. Make sure their rooms are taken good care of. Make sure wiring is hidden and beyond their reach. You know it’s Diwali and they will get hold of plenty of crackers and fire. Make sure that they are being watched or are under-supervision of adults at all times.

Pick a Theme to Give an Expert Finish

There are plenty of people that actually go super crazy with colours. It is absolutely fine if you like to have a lot of colours, however having thematic presence in your house will even further elaborate your decorations.

Torans and the Traditional Decor

There is a list of our good old traditional decorations that you must make a part of your Diwali decorations 2019. 






Wall hangings

Decorative lights

Floral decorations are a big hit no matter what

Try Unique Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Use flowers in variety of styles read how

Awaken the creative soul in you with these crafty ideas in 2019

Make sure you do not ignore your Mamma Earth when celebrating Diwali – Sustainable Ideas For Diwali

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