If you want to apply that perfect eyeliner wing and think it is difficult to do so, you are wrong! It’s totally possible to get a perfect eyeliner for any eye shape and size. Winged eyeliner is something we all want to have for looking picture perfect. Today we explore easy ways to get winged eyeliner.

What is Eyeliner and Why Apply it Anyways?

Well this is not a mystery question anyways but if you are a beginner then this quick introduction should help.

Eyeliners come in liquid and gel forms that one can apply to enhance or highlight features of the eyes. Eyeliners are typically used to highlight the eyelids and/or to alter the contour of the eyes. These come in black and many other colours. These are also available in shimmer finish, that are typically applied on special occasions. 

There are many eyeliners present in the market that are chemical based as well as organic ingredients based. It totally depends on your needs, pocket and preference as to what you choose.

How to Apply Eyeliner According to Your Eye Shape?

Upturned Eyes

To get that perfect look for this eye type and apply perfect eyeliner. Try a thin line with a small wing. Also, by connecting the wing to a little liner under the eye you can frame your eye better

Downturned/Hooded Eyes

You are going to apply a thin line in the inner corner of your eye and widen it as you move towards the outside. to make your eye look more “awake” you extend the wing just a little and give it an upward stroke.

Almond Eyes

If girls around you are jealous don’t feel bad since you are lucky to have almond-shaped eyes, apply an even, thin or thick stroke. You can or cannot apply the wing, it is not needed.

Monolid Eyes

Since your lid is nearly invisible once you open your eyes you should definitely get dramatic with your eyeliner’s stroke. You want to apply a broader line with your eyeliner so when you open your eyes the liner should be visible. This will surely help you apply perfect eyeliner.


Round Eyes

By elongating your eyes you can perfectly balance your round eyes. Create a triangle shape at the end of the eye. This is the perfect way of applying eyeliner for your gorgeous round eyes.

Applying a perfect eyeliner in minutes is no joke. If you are a beginner then you must practice, practice, practice. Here is a perfect tutorial to help you guide through the easy steps for applying eyeliner. Eyeliner Makeup Guide & also some additional tips here


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