Love is the theme of the season and Valentine’s day ideas are trending. So we are exploring our very own space in the Valentine special theme and season. Today I am sharing with you my own Valentine’s day ideas and how can you add your saree styling ideas and impress the man in your life. Let’s get started!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Makeup

First I applied makeup very basic, absolutely fuss-free, and easily done. Starting with basic BB cream as the foundation. Dusting off this base with some compact powder (Why & How to Apply Compact Powder) to finish and smoothen out the BB cream that is applied initially.

Now I do my eye makeup, I applied a very little glitter eyeshadow (Eyeshadow Video Guide) on my lids to have a very light shimmer. Then I finished this with winged eyeliner and mascara, and if you are someone who can never get the Eyeliner right, then this Guide is for you! Eye makeup is crucial in any makeup and you must make sure that the eye makeup is even and no messy lines or wrinkles on the coats should be visible.

A blush to your cheekbones to add colour and luster to the makeup. And finally finishing the whole makeup with highlights and lipstick is going to make sure it is beautiful and radiant. So, this was my short and quick valentines day makeup ideas


—-And now here are the valentines day saree styling ideas.

valentines day dresses

For those who believe in the power of red for Valentine’s day. This is a georgette saree that has crystals all over the border and palla. I used big chunky earrings for a chilled-out look. Easy to carry and perfect for such romantic and Valentine’s occasion. Valentines day ideas – Valentine Theme

valentines day dresses

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Valentines day ideas – Valentine Dresses

A Shibori print satin cream colour saree, accessorized with pearls necklace for a rich royal look. Ideal for women who like wearing minimalistic yet rich looks. Add a pearl or red beads bracelet to add more colour if needed. Instead of a regular blouse, I paired this up with an off shoulders crop top of mine!

Watch Full Video Here – Valentine’s Day Ideas – Saree Styling

A wristwatch can also do wonders to this look, however, I preferred something low-key and relaxed. And I strongly feel saree makes one of the perfect Valentines day dresses – Valentine Theme

valentines day dresses
valentines day dresses

Tell me how you are planning to celebrate your Valentines Day 😉

And a very Happy Valentine’s Day to You XOXOXOXO

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