There are many types of eyeliners available in the market so the bottom line is how do you decide on picking or or few of them. Here are some quick pros and cons of different types of eyeliners.

When choosing eyeliner, there’s actually a few important things to consider. You might have heard this that, effortless beauty comes from a lot of effort. There are typically three types of eye liner, and the kind that you choose depends on your level of expertise, there is no right and wrong to it! The end result of all three types are visually different and an expert can immediately tell what type of eyeliner you are wearing? So how do you know which type of eyeliner is right for you?

No fear dear: we’re here to help you with the top eyeliner buying tips. From liquids to crayon style or gel eyeliners. 

Gel eyeliner is something that you might be scared of at first however this is something that you will love once you get the hang of it. It comes in a small pot, usually with a brush included.

Gel eyeliners 

Types of eyeliner

These let you get a clean, precise line thanks to the thicker formula and the precision  brush. Gel eyeliners typically have a creamy consistency that is easier to work with. The few tiny downsides of it are that they are a little difficult to maintain since they tend to dry out faster. They can be a little pricier! As well as it needs some maintenance when it comes to hygiene of the brush since it can give you infections!!

Pen eyeliners

Types of eyeliner

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Precision is one word that defines this type of eyeliner that creates clean lines, and is perfect for flicks needed.

Draw the shape you want with the marker like a pen, then fill it in. Simple!

I personally feel this is good for beginners. Good quality branded marker pen styles are expensive but saves you a lot of time.

Similar to gel eyeliners if you forget to put the cap back on then the marker pen will dry out and cannot be brought back to life anyhow 🙁  

“For the love of God, unless you’re prepping for Rigoletto at the Met, go easy on the eyeliner.”

― Cheryl Cory

Liquid Eyeliners

This comes in a nail color like bottle, a little old fashioned! This has an applicator brush inside that you will use. Now this typically is easier on your pocket but hard to apply, there will be times (if you are a novice) when you will hate the liquid eyeliners simply because they are too ‘messy’. 

There is little to no maintenance issue with these types. 

You can use it extensively till the bottle is finished or the expiry arrives (whichever happens sooner)

Types of eyeliner

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