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Even though sustainable fashion is still coming into terms with a sure shot definition, A lot of sustainable fashion can be categorised as items that we wear such as clothing, footwear and add-ons such as Belts, scarves, jewellery and so on, that are produced in a way that our environment remains least affected (in a negative way)


So for example if we look at a women top that is dyed multiple times to get that perfect crimson shade and its weaving involves yarns with tiny fibres in its making process, there is a good chance that mother earth was brutally hurt in its making process. That’s that then the sustainable fashion can also include the way fashion is marketed (you know how harmful those shiny plastic bags are for our environment). The whole idea is to bring more eco-friendly practices that can reduce non-biodegradable waste into our sewage system.

Environmental Impact of Fashion

As globalization grew at a rapid rate, fast fashion became a usual thing. The highly skilled labour then became cheaper and international brands started mingling and creating “franchise”. The urge to become popular among masses soon brought this flood of fast fashion into this world. And now when we look at it consciously and carefully we realise that fashion is doing more harm than good to our environment.

Do you know that textile manufacturing is one of the heaviest polluting trades in the world, right alongside the petroleum and paper production industries. Here are major impacts of fashion on our dear mother earth.

Water Pollution – Huge quantities of water is required when dying textiles. Now, synthetic fibres like polyester are even more difficult to dye. The whole issue here is all the waste that comes out in this process is released in rivers and lakes.

Drying Water Resources – A good example of fast fashion our favorite pair of jeans and a Tee. But do you know that it takes more than 2000 liters of water to make a T-shirt. And your favorite pair of jeans? About 10,000 liters of water is needed in the process of denim turning into a jeans.

United Nations Climate Change News states, The fashion industry contributes 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to its long supply chains and energy intensive production.

Landfills – All the gorgeous trendy shoes that you through after few months of usage become a part of landfills. Landfill space is expensive and hard to find. Since a very low percentage of the fashion we use are biodegradable that landfill stays there for thousands of years to come.

What Shoppers Can Do To Reduce (The Role of Consumers in Sustainability)

  • Reduce those fancy looking fashion staples that are easy on the pocket but are extremely dangerous for the environment – It always starts with the first step
  • Get in the habit of following brands who are initiating sustainable items that reduce wastage and use of chemical dyes
  • Become a more sustainable consumer by washing your clothes less frequently
  • Focus on quality of clothing instead of increasing number of pieces available in your wardrobe
  • Do not throw clothing into waste, Donate, Donate, Donate
  • Read that Label – before buying an item invest some time into researching what you are investing in, is it recycled or used recycled materials?
sustainability and fashion impact

Top Brands That Promote Sustainable Fashion

  • Lindex – A Swedish Brand
  • Veja – Parisian Brand
  • Pact – Colorado
  • Edun – Supporting African economy
  • Boob Design – A Swedish Brand
  • Lucy & Yak – Sources ethically and sustainably in India

Sustainability in fashion is not a new discussion but an important one indeed. What we can do as fashion lovers is to live consciously. Buy smartly without going over the board, this won’t only help to sustain our environment but also live without burning a hole in the pockets.

Sustainable fashion is an idea that needs to be shared more and more and we as fashion people have the capability of bringing about that change.

sustainability and fashion

Share in comments how you plan to become more sustainable in 2020?

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