Are you looking for easy make-up removers and easier ones on your pocket too then you have arrived! Make-up remover generally comes in three forms, liquid, gel or cream, make-up removers are supposed to help you remove your make-up with ease before you hit your bed since leaving make-up on and not removing it can cause dull dry skin the next morning and an aged looking you!

Once you are done with the festive season, trust me you will need such tips to help you cleanse your skin without hurting it or making it suffer just because you used a poor quality make-up remover.

If you too love putting makeup on or even if you don’t then a time comes when going to the shop or ordering that make up remover soon becomes too tedious when you can simply use readily available products in your kitchen. And if you do not prefer a lot of makeup and only use it occasionally or let’s say once every umm a year then you cannot buy a branded make-up remover and keep it safe since it will expire, Right?

Today we explore 3 super simple and to the point make-up remover alternatives that can easily be found in your make-up drawers or your mom’s kitchen 😉

Use organic Coconut oil as make-up remover

As weird or new as it may sound to your ears, this technique is as old as grandma! Apply a generous layer of oil to your face and eyes massage your face a little so the oil gets some time to extract and dissolve the makeup. With a cotton ball start removing makeup, make sure none of the oil or make-up gets in your eyes! Once you are done, you can wash your face with a gentle face wash and apply a moisturizer. The organic coconut oil will also hydrate your skin well so even if you decide not to remove the oil completely still you are on the safe side with keeping your skin in perfect condition.

natural DIY makeup removers

Coconut has been used since ages in beauty techniques, it serves really well as a makeup remover too! You should also check out this cool recipe for DIY coconut make-up remover wipes!

Honey jar to act as a make-up remover

If you do have those extra bucks that you can invest in getting a more expensive idea, then a bottle of honey is going to serve the purpose here. Apply a layer of honey to your skin and massage gently. The good thing is that honey moisturizes your skin deeply so you can be sure that your skin is not going to lose its moisture, something that you are not sure of when using toxic chemical branded make-up removers. 

With a soft cotton ball start removing the excess of honey and with it the make-up traces start coming off. If you have some spare time at home then you must must try these amazing tips involving honey in multiple roles.

Try raw milk in your makeup removing regime

Dip a cotton ball in raw milk and gently start wiping of your skin, this takes time and is super gentle to your skin. This leaves your skin supple and makes sure that you do not wake up the next morning looking and feeling like a zombie!

DIY natural make up remover

Check out this wondrous facial that is going to help brighten your skin!

We all know that going natural is always your best option, it helps you maintain your skin’s natural texture and further enhance it to beautify your overall personality and quality of the skin. Try these and do let me know how you liked these all!

and let me tell you one important pro tip, keeping your skin flawless takes a bit of effort from your part, here is your short guide to glass skin regime.

Till the next post, I wish you all a very Happy Diwali 2019 and Happy Halloween!

Stay Blessed!

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