Maintaining pregnancy fashion is another task while you are expecting and are beyond excited to have this little bundle of joy… so first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You would agree that Pregnancy is the most special time for a woman… Whether we talk about the first sonogram, baby shower or the birth of the baby every moment is important. Whether you have just received the good news or are already in one of your trimesters, noticeable changes are already there be it in your mood or body! 

Now here is the big question, In the pregnancy period, what is the role of what happens to the pregnancy outfits or maternity fashion? Is it important for every woman or not? Are you worried about your style statement during the maternity period? Multiple questions are racing in your mind, and obviously, you want to look as fabulous as always! If your answer is “YES” then this article will help you to get old & dull pregnancy fashion and styles out of the door and get the fresh vibes of 2019 and beyond!

Now we all are different and have our preferences but when it’s about your tiny baby then you want the best for him/her and yourself too! So…

One Idea Is Maintaining Your Style Statement During The Pregnancy Is Not Easy Because Your Body Is Changing At A Rapid Rate. If You Are Fan Of A Hollywood Celebrity Then Your First Choice Would Be To Follow Them. Here Are A Few Visual Treats Celebrity Style Statement, Hollywood Pregnancy Styles!

And, if you do not follow Hollywood or have your own style that you would like to follow then you may easily follow these pointers that can help you and your baby bump look & feel gorgeous!

You maternity fashion Mantra must consist of wearing comfortable, flexible, breathable clothing. Looking classy is necessary too right? Out-dated, grandmother style, drab and dull maxis are a big NO! You have to feel great to look great…

Now there are plenty of pregnancy fashion ideas you can adopt during all 3 trimesters! 🙂 

So Are You Ready To Dive In The World Of Pregnancy Fashion Tips? Let’s go…

One thing you all must do and that is get rid of the old. This is the just the right time to toss the old clothes aside, give them away to needy and nurture yourself, go shopping and enhance your looks and to get out inner diva of you. Focus on

“How Can I Look Great In Pregnancy? with the baby bump…

Quick Fashion Tips To Feel Great During Pregnancy! 

  1. Do not wear super tight clothing – it does not matter where you are in your pregnancy, never opt for tight clothing that stresses your body.
  2. One size up – Yup you will slowly want to transition into one size larger fo your clothing, this will help accommodate your growing body and will put you at ease.
  3. Oversized Clothing – This will be your new friend as this clothing offers greater comfort and easy to move in. Start exploring some ideas here
  4. The Girly Frills – If you are one of those style divas who love ruffles this is the time to try on a lot of frilly dresses that will accentuate your personality but will also be an add on to your pregnancy glow!
  5. Lounging – If you have all appointments done and you are just chilling at home, Palazzo or wide-legged pants will be your best friend while you drool over a new mom magazine over the weekend.
  6. Footwear – Now many of you love to wear high heels and they look great without any doubt! However, you will want to skip the heels and choose flats that have a soft footbed as it will put less strain on your spine!
  7. Accessorize Your Outfits – You can only put n number of layers of fabric on your body so shop for accessories. Invest in bold key pieces of artificial jewelry, scarves, watches, belts, and hats. These will enhance any outfit and will justify your pregnancy fashion at the same time.

Neckline & Print Trends That Can Make Your Pregnancy Fashion Enticing

Maxi Dress

This is the most loved attire during pregnancy, for all the trimesters. Maxi dresses are combined with the trendy prints can mostly be used in 3rd trimesters to help you move with ease! You can use the blazer, vest or cardigan to compliment with a contrast color and it will look so amazing with the baby bump.

Scoop/V Shape Necklines

Any low cut V neck or scoop necklines make your look more enhanced. These cuts make sure your growing breasts get plenty of room! You can simply stretch any high neck to get the slim look that you have. It the neckline is considered when you are pregnant then you can get the best and fit look that you have. From so many pregnancy fashion ideas this look is used by 1st trimesters.

Bold Bump Look

Contrary to the common maternity fashion, it has the curve-hugging tops, dresses and other bottoms a well. You can highlight your bump with the help of solid colors and noticeable prints. The fancy, torn and other hyped tops are more suitable in this category.

Denim Look

Denim is always in trend whether you are choosing it in shirt look, or jeans. Other ways but stretchable types of denim are mostly used for pregnancy clothes. If you are jean lover then there are plenty of maternity jeans are available in the market and as per your choice choose one a per your choice and pair with a long top or cool t-shirt… These jeans are great options for all 3 trimesters. If you have your own several pregnancy fashion tips then merge them with the denim option and use it as your ever-favorable option.

As you know that pregnancy is not the hurdle to make your look fashionable. Be hopeful and splurge on best fashion and dont stress over “how can I look great in pregnancy?” Even if you have a classic basic dress you can make your style statement with some creativity. Make the basic to rocking!

And As We Close It Here

Congratulations, Bunch of Joy is on the way! Taking care of your dietary habits, having plenty of water and on time vitamins will help you stay hydrated and saturated with good nutrients. I hope you have an awesome pregnancy period in style and these pregnancy fashion tips come in handy!!

These moments are wonderful and you should cheer it with the best look of you. Consider the suitable, comfortable, fashionable everyday use attire for you, that can’t harm you or your baby as well. All The Best! Cheers

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