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Men Fashion Tips 2020

Too many write-ups for women and none for men, no I am not biased at all. I love styling men as well, styling them in cute sweaters, casual shirts or rugged denims…

Let’s Discuss Dinner Dates!!! Crucial aren’t they? They can totally make or break the deal. If you are a guy, wondering how to impress her OR a girl trying to help dress him up for an upcoming evening. Keep on reading you may find just what you were looking for …..

Anyone heading out for a Dinner Date Tonight?!!


So this styling session is purely dedicated to the guys out there, all the girls can go through as well if you want to send across some styling tips to him for your next date or try your hand and purchase him his next outfit….

Guys need to primarily work on few key points

  • Skin Tone
  • Height
  • Body Type

and most important

His own interests

DO NOT ever dress up the way you do not want to , its totally unsettling, imagine you are all dressed up like a prince but you feel more in your skin when you are wearing a pair of jeans and a casual sweater with your leather boots. So do not go that way at all, style has to be comfortable and to your liking not only to impress others but to impress your own self.

Skin tone:

If you have a fair skin tone (also called spring/cool skin tones) , lucky you , because you can experiment with as many colors as possible , choose good solid colours, pale colours will wash your appearance out, try deep colours , hues that have body to it. As in if your are fair try deep blue, floral pink, reds and so on… If you have a Warm skin tone then opt for bright colors, darker you are brighter you wear, you need to focus on primary colours and their neighbours in the colour chart. Pure white is a big no as it gives a very strong striking contrast to your skin colour. Add sunglasses reflectors to add texture to your persona



Short height guys experiment with monochromes (shades of same colour) to give visual effect of height, a dark coloured pants and shirt that has lighter shade of the same colour . Wear vertical designs , they depict elongation to the viewer. Pay specials attention to fitting, dont go for loose clothes they make you look sloppy. Now if your guy is tall, you have hit the gold spot  Give him horizontal patterns especially across chest to give an illusion of his wide chest 

Body Type:

If the guy has an average body type no minimizing and maximizing is required, Fitted clothes are a must, Simplicity is a key point that never goes out of fashion , keep the outfit minimal , no overdone detailing needed here. Avoid bulky clothing so he doesn’t end up looking like a floating fish in a glass jar. Muscular guys are the lucky ones who can experiment with all from simple to bulky clothing or statement clothing like vests, suits, winter trench coats, tweed jackets.

The styling suggestions can go on and on forever,,, so do have a look at the look my Pinterest for a visual treat and feel free to design your own outfit. Careful attention to the key points discussed,,, feel like sharing a comment please write to me , leaving you with these Lookbooks…for more visit on pinterst https://www.pinterest.com/thewindowlane/dinner-date-styling-tips-for-men/

Take care and I will soon meet you with another exciting write up.


That’s all for now folks 🙂

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