These Make-up Hacks & Secrets are sure to save you from ruining a perfect day! Read the top 9 makeup hacks that can’t just go wrong. Let’s get started quickly.

Prepare in advance – Overnight Skin Routine

If you don’t know, your body cells heal when you have a good night’s sleep. It’s during slumber that your skin cells start recovering from the day’s hard work. This is the best time to deeply nourish your beloved skin. Apply a deeply nourishing mask to hydrate your skin well. When you wake up, your skin will glisten like pearls. Here is an additional quick home remedy to help you here.

Exfoliation – Hack that never fails

Anytime you’re planning on wearing makeup, you should start by cleaning away dead skin cells from your skin’s surface to create a smooth canvas. Use a light scrub to help smooth things out. Always follow up by applying a moisturizing cream or lotion. 

Dewy Look for Skin – Makeup Starters

Getting that perfect rosy dewy skin requires one easy move. Mix a clear foundation or concealer with a good quality facial oil or cream and apply before makeup. This will give you a no-makeup makeup light feel with a radiant and natural glow.

Lower your foundation’s density

Typically a foundation has a thicker density. To make the most of your foundation, place a small quantity in your palm and mix it with your finger to slightly “loosen” its density so it’s less thick when you apply it. What this does is it lets the foundation spread out evenly on your skin giving it better coverage. 

Use your fingers to press the foundation into the skin

If you have ever applied foundation with a brush as they show it in some youtube videos, you would have realized by now, it’s not a good idea. Use your magical fingers to do it. To make your foundation last all day, use your fingertips after applying it to press it into your skin and dust off any build-up with a brush.

More Make-up Hacks Secrets… Keep Reading

Tweeze Away with Care 

Whether you are doing it by yourself or at a parlor. Make sure you know the shape of the brow is sorted BEFORE you start tweezing it out. Eyebrows frame your facial appearance so spend some time analyzing the best shape and thickness for your eyebrow. 

Square face – Mildly curved. 

Round face – Angular to give an illusion of defined bone structure

Heart face – Rounded or Low-arched (Pro tip: when you’re plucking your brows, only pluck from the underside to help keep the top of your arch in perfect shape) 

Long face – Slightly lengthened brows

Know more about different eyebrows 

Filling in less dense eyebrows

When it comes to filling in your eyebrows, dark shades can come off as strange looking. Try and use a lighter shade than your natural eyebrows. Trust us, it will look much more natural and help keep your brows from appearing fake—even if they are 😉

Magical Nude Colour Eyeliner

Typically you would apply a liner on your lash line, however, there is more you can do! Make your eyes appear bigger and more up by lining your waterline with nude eyeliner. Try and let us know how it worked in the comments down below!  

Final check always & always should be in natural light when possible

Do not just walk out of that door without looking at it. Apparently double-checking your makeup before stepping out in the most natural, bright light possible can save you from any goof-ups – I saved you just now – right!

You are never a pro, make-up is something that should enhance your beauty not bring it down making you look like someone who has just stepped out of a makeup box! Do yourself a favor and keep the Make-up Hacks & Secrets handy.

These are obviously some quick fixes and hacks for your skin and beauty regime. Eating right, hydrating your body well and timely detoxifications (organic make-up removers tips) are something that will help your body further to shine from within. Tell me what I missed here or share your experience of these. 

I hope you have a great day!

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