Indian wedding trends in 2019
North Indian Bridal Look – Red Dupatta with Soft Green Lehenga

Whoever said you don’t need to worry about your fashion look when it comes to a wedding – is setting you up for a classic disaster! You want to be on point – from the colour of the dress, the style, to the makeup. And I am very sure you want to give your guests a fragrance of your ravishing beauty. The Indian wedding is usually a glamorous, colourful and stylish one and everyone wants it to tell a story. 

What we have learnt over the years is that the more prominent and bright your wedding, the better. Meaning, everything must be planned right to the matching details. So, for your wedding to become a perfect tale, your outfit plays a significant role in this cinematic-like story. The genesis of your “happily ever after” should be a memory always to be treasured. I’d be giving an insight on COLOUR, STYLE, MAKE-UP & BEAUTY for your Indian wedding trends in 2019. So what are we waiting for let’s get going girls and guys…

COLOUR – Indian Wedding Fashion Trends 2019

Colour is the most important in Indian wedding trends in 2019. To begin with, the best stories about Indian weddings have been about the beautiful matching colour palette of the couples’ outfit and how it spectacularly blended with the setting. There are specific colours you can never go wrong with – for both bride and (groom):

indian wedding trends 2019

Red and Tangerine with a touch of crimson:

indian wedding trends in 2019

You can never go wrong with this colour when looking at top Indian wedding trends in 2019. As you must already know that red is the colour of love and passion. This is not it though! In Chinese culture red symbolizes good fortune as well as prosperity. The importance of Red shade goes deep within spirituality too. The red colour symbolizes the root chakra, our connection to mother earth, the root chakra is responsible to bring you balance, fertility, and all materialistic pleasures… Interesting huh? Now the Indian’s love for red’s is unending. It’s all love from the colour of the dress to the texture. It’s like colourful red petals of rose on the sea. Truthfully, red is like the go-to colour for the Indian wedding, and you can never go wrong. It combines well with other colours making the bride feel like a goddess.

Indian wedding trends in 2019 are good to get started however explore more about Indian fashion. Here is a comprehensive list compiled for you!! Read More Top 100 Indian Fashion Blogs


The amalgamation of emotions and borderlines of leaving your “childhood” behind. The very interesting colour of pink signifies tender love, inner peace, and self-love. The other shades and palette of pink like Blush Pink, Fuchsia Pink, Lavender, Peach. These colours are perfect for mehendi outfits, primarily when it used in a floral pastel for both blouse and flay skirt. Making a gown out of this would be exceptional. Other colours that would make you look so awesome on your wedding include:

Other shades that you might consider are dark burnt orange, burgundy, indigo velvet, Navy Blue, Sapphire | Turquoise (blue), coral – A combination of glowing pecks of pink and orange, green with a shade of floral pink pastel and black, light bright yellow, emerald, neon and white mash-ups.


Bollywood plays the major inspiring figure in making bold statements in Indian wedding trends in 2019. However it is important to stay realistic and pick what you love and suit your body type. A lehenga perfect for your body cut will further enhance your look. When it comes to picking a perfect style for your wedding, you don’t necessarily need to go all out. You can go basic and be just perfect. Let me hook you up with some of the best styles you can always bank on. Whether your wedding is a celebrity, royal, spiritual or more of a conventional marriage, these styles are just the right sauce – if not the extra spice. The idea is to portray a bold, classic and colourful look. I’d highlight some major mehendi with lehenga mash-up styles.

What to wear in your wedding 2019
Types of Lehenga Cuts
Indian Wedding Fashion Trends 2019


 What to wear on indian wedding2019

This is the time when you want to look stunning! But how to choose that perfect bridal look? Before heading to the parlour and booking that expensive package make sure you know the latest trends and how to choose makeup for your skin tone!

For basics, you can always go natural with a couple of beautiful adornments (jewelry on the neck and your hair), but adding some makeup to the mix gives it another shade of perfection. Also, remember to moisturize your face before applying some mascara. What are the basics you need before your D-day?

Essentials for Your Skin

Eat right!

As the D-day approaches, you want to make sure you eat veggies, fruits, and nuts. They don’t just give you the necessary vitamins but also keep your tummy full.

Drink plenty of water

You must drink 2-3 liters of water every day. Water helps flush out toxins, and also helps you clear acne, in addition, it helps you keep your skin hydrated and supple.

Exfoliate weekly

Use a good quality ubtan to exfoliate and further enhance the texture and quality of your skin.

Be happy

Let go of things that you cannot control! Make self-love a priority and enjoy every minute that brings you one step closer to your wedding day

Note: If you are planning to get facials done, start a facial treatment preferably 3 months before your wedding day.

When all these are in place, then you can rest assured that you have created a perfect memory for one of your happiest moments. Whatever is left now to complement your wedding day is just your location and décor. I hope your wedding day brings you so much joy.

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  1. A very well explained article which neatly explained the fashion trend guide for Indian Wedding. Yes, i truly accept the fact that wedding is one on the most precious day of life for both bride and groom & there are so many things happen within this period. I believe the tips mentioned in this article with clearly give an idea on how to get ready for the Big Wedding Day. Thanks for sharing this 🙂 CHEERS !!

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