How to Wear a Saree – 4 Easy Steps for Beginners

Is wearing a saree too complicated for you and you often end up dropping the idea altogether. Well here is an easy way to wear your saree in 5 super easy steps… Let’s get started

How to Wear a Saree – Building Blocks

There are few measures that you take care of before getting started.

  • Wear a petticoat or a saree shapewear.
  • Now is the time to wear the footwear you will be wearing with your final look be it heels or flats, I would say wear at least half an inch and more if you are comfortable with it
  • Wear a matching or contrasting locally made or readymade blouse.
  • Do your hairstyle and makeup before you wear a saree.
  • Jewelry should be your last item to wear. I tend to wear it at the end when I am all done
How to Drape Saree as Lehenga – How to Drape a Saree

How to Wear a Saree – Draping

Start by tucking in the plain end of the saree into the petticoat. Start from your right hand and complete one complete circle till you reach the starting of the end of the plain end you tucked in first.

Remember fall of the saree remains to the inner side at the bottom end, so it’s not visible in the final look.

Now make pleats of the palla and swirl it around once from left-back and back to front to the right shoulder. Adjust the length of your palla here.

Longer the palla slimmer you look!

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Now start making front pleats starting from the right end of the saree, you will have at least 7-10 pleats in normal length saree. Once you are done make the pleats face left and tuck all of them in neatly into the petticoat just below your navel area in the center.

Sabyasachi Designs – Anushka Sharma Wedding Dress

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How to Wear a Saree – Final Changes

Wearing a saree is not rocket science, but make sure you take care of few pointers once you have draped it.

Use safety pins on feathery light and super heavy sarees to make sure they stay in place, especially if you are new to saree draping

Use waist belts to give your saree a contemporary look.

Finishing is important in all dresses you wear. Saree is no exception although it requires some effort from your end.

If you are more of a visual person then there is a video version of ‘How to wear a saree’ down below, if this text version has helped you do drop me a heart down below in the comments.

MyWindowLane – How to Wear a Saree

Saree Styling Ideas – How to Drape a Saree

Or try this unique drape style – saree draped as lehenga

Saree Styling Ideas – How to Drape a Saree

Saree draped as lehenga

Saree Styling Ideas – How to Drape a Saree

Thanks for reading – How to Wear a Saree

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