If you are looking for some straight forward tips to “how to set-up a new blog”. You have landed in the right place! Keep reading as we break down setting up a new blog in easy bits for you to understand and implement in your new blog! 

How to find a blog topic?

Picking a blog topic is difficult (ya I know let’s just face it guys) however if done correctly or followed a roadmap this should be easier actually!

Whether you want to write for a personal preference or for a topic that belongs to niche that earns six figures, there is a defined way that can make you more successful than you can imagine!

Before starting a blog

Some questions you want to answer before landing at the right topic

  • Find 5 blogs on that niche that have more than 20K followers on social media
  • If you are starting a blog, Google’s keyword planner tool can prove to be of great help type your selection of keywords in various search engines and see if they have ads running on them
how to set up a blog


  • Think of keywords that are being searched… Then use online keyword tools to determine whether these keywords have a good reach
  • Check out some good books on these keywords/niche that have a strong readership
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How to Find a Domain Name?

A wise advise is “KISS” keep it short and simple! Now, have you ever browsed internet and ended up taking longer than 5 seconds to comprehend the blog’s title ? If yes then you know exactly what I am talking about and if not then this is pretty tiring and off-putting for the reader.

Try brainstorming these questions to help yourself come up with a domain name

What problem are you solving?

Who is your audience?

Is your blog name easy to read and understand?

Put a good amount of work in this, this is going to pay off very well as you go walk down the blog development lane…

Self Hosting - WordPress

how to set up a blog

We live in an online age and market is full of tough contenders however if you think of an open source CMS, WordPress is the world’s favorite self hosting platform! 

What is Self hosting?

Your proposed website (blog) is going to be a compilation of written content, pages, text, videos and much more. This content needs to be stored on a system and this is where you will require a CMS (content management system) to store/display all your data.

To name a few more CMS are WIX, Weebly, Shopify, Blogger and many more. However WordPress is what I would recommend due to the flexibility it has to offer to a blogger~~

Now one important thing if you work with WordPress. There are two versions of WordPress. What is the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org? Well let’s clear this confusion here. 

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WordPress.org is a CMS for staging your content that requires no payment from your end. This is where you’ll be provided with a link to download the free WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web server to create a blog of your own choice. There are endless customization you will be able to do with WordPress.org, YOU will require to host your own blog or website. And this is where you pay for a hosting plan. This is called SELF HOSTING where you pay for the hosting your blog and you will allotted space on a server depending on your plan!


WordPress.com is a CMS where you can build a free blog that comes with a suffix like www.xyz.wordpress.com | What this means is that you can build your blog here without any extra costs to you all you do is keep writing as much as you like and decorate your blog with various widgets and themes. Make it fully functional however you do not “OWN” any of the content. This means that if anything goes wrong at the backend (however extremely low chances of that) You LOSE all your content. Also you will not be able to make any money (monetize) off your blog. Since its free, WordPress will publish their own ads on your blog.

Hosting Plans

If you google hosting plans, you will have more than about 43,00,00,000 results. However there are a few things that you will need to know before making that investment!

If you are just starting out then the basic plan has more than enough to serve your needs!


  • pocket friendly
  • free domain for one year
  • hassle-free WordPress installation on all accounts.
  • small Storage enough for new bloggers (you can expand as you progress in your blogging journey)
  • hosts single website

Important tip here: Buy an extended plan-5 years or so to reap maximum cost benefit to you since once your subscription expires the renewing cost goes up considerably, however as a new user you are definitely in for some amazing pricing plans, this applies to almost all hosting plans offered on internet

Above is an affiliate link that might help you decide on a perfect paid plan at no extra cost to you

bluehost plans
WordPress & BlueHost Together

Once you are sorted with your Domain and Hosting plans. All you need to do now is create your WordPress website/blog. Let’s walk you through how you can make a website super easy way with Bluehost.

While completing your Bluehost plan and getting started, it offers you to INSTALL the WordPress with a single click! From there it takes 5-10 minutes to install WordPress.

  1. Install WordPress & choose your theme.
  2. Install WordPress Plugins if needed
  3. Customize your website

For more help you should definitely read this short guide

Welcome aboard to the blogging world!

Please leave a comment if you need any guidance or contact us to get your new website!

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