Thinking of how to get that perfect face makeup and looking at those amazing eyeshadow palettes and fancy foundation pump bottles, some questions run frantically through your mind such as how to do a full face makeup? Learn how to apply makeup on face, which is the best layering technique for face makeup? Which one do I apply first, the mascara or the eyeshadow or do I apply foundation or concealer first and what does a makeup fixer do exactly, and when do I apply it?

Let me tell you this secret that YouTube vloggers or even the best beauty writers would often overlook for no such reason – There is no set of rules or guide books that you will follow unless you aspire to be a Hollywood artist, however even in that case, one MOST IMPORTANT thing you will do is develop your own makeup technique I wish I knew this earlier when I used to spend several hours getting that look from my favorite YouTube video just right! 

I am compiling this list of the smallest step by step directions that most hopefully help you apply that perfect face makeup every time! Keep reading to find out more.

Cleansing with a mild cleanser is one step that is mandatory in all makeup looks regardless of your skin type, preference or any other factor. This sets the tone for your makeup base, so DO IT FIRST no matter what!

Pro Tip

Step 1 – Applying Moisturizer

This is easiest way to start how to apply makeup on face… Prep your skin with a good quality moisturizer or a primer! My skin is dry and I prefer a dewy looking makeup that doesn’t end up looking cakey or patchy by the end of the day. A good primer is all you need here. However, there is no need to buy a primer if you do not wish to. A good moisturizer will do the needful just as well. Spread and massage this well on your face and neck area.

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Step 2 – Applying Foundation the right way!

This part will be different based on your skin type. For an oily skin type foundation you want to buy a foundation that suits your skin well without making your skin greasy! And if you have a dry skin foundation type like me you want a foundation specialized for dry skin that has enough moisture right?

how to do contouring on your face

Take a small amount of foundations and apply dots all over your face and neck area paying attention to marks or areas you want to conceal well. I begin from the center of my face and blend the foundation in outwards motion. As you sweep your foundation across the skin, be sure to buff it in. Spread this foundation well and blend till an even look is achieved!

Step 3 – How to apply the magical Concealer

Concealer is applied after foundation. This will help you cover extra dark spots or blemishes on your face. This is another step towards resolving how to apply makeup on face. Now, The prime areas I apply my concealer onto are as follows 

  • Horizontally along the center of my forehead
  • Down the center of my nose
  • Under my eyes to even out any dark circles
  • In a curving arch at the top of chin, right beneath your lower lip

The mantra remains the same as foundation. Even out nicely and make sure it doesn’t create unevenness at all!

Step 4 – Applying Compact Powder

Choosing the right compact powder is crucial here! If you have an oily skin then it’s very apparent to be wanting to apply as much as compact to keep those greasy areas hidden. But whether you are oily, dry or combination skin. There is no reason out there in the whole universe to apply your compact in an abundant quantity. This is a rather strategic product that you will want to apply with diligence and onto “concerned areas”.

I start applying a light coat of powder all over my face by gently pressing it into my skin to avoid pores from emerging. The correct way of applying compact powder is to swipe your brush in the cake and dust off excess then sweep across the skin in long, arching strokes. Make small gentle stops where your skin is extra oily, for dry skin this step is not required. 

Step 5 -Bronzer – How to buy and apply the right shade of bronzer?

Bronzer can give a depth to your face or if you please a sun-kissed glow. The correct shade is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. There are many amazing bronzers available for oily, dry and combination skin types. 


I apply my bronzer in a 3 shape on the left and reversed 3 on the right of my face. I blend it well with a blender brush until it looks natural enough and no solid lines are visible. 

Step 6 – How to and why apply blush?

Looking one single colour all over your face is pretty much… umm boring actually, and it shows you have no idea of what you are doing. So I will tell you how exactly you can apply this blush to add some more natural tones to your makeup!

Blush comes in many beautiful shades. I typically opt for a baby pink or natural peach. Both give me beautiful pinkish cheeks and that girly glow that I adore. I apply my blush with a blusher on the apples of my cheeks if you don’t know where those are, just smile and see the rounded part on your cheeks. Apply this subtly and don’t get super creative with this if you want a natural look!

Step 7 – How and where to apply a Highlighter?

The shiny face angles that you see in your glamour magazines are typically because of this single makeup product. It instantly lights up your face and gives a “party” look to your makeup. Here’s how to apply it correctly!

Quick 2 ingredient DIY Highlighter formula here

Applying highlighter is no rocket science. Think of highlighter as bringing attention to these specific areas of your face and these are as follows

  • Center of your forehead
  • Cheekbones
  • Bridge of your nose
  • Inner corners of your eyelids
  • The cupid bow that forms above your upper lip 
  • Brow bone
  • Center of your chin

Step 8 – Apply Eyeshadow

( I usually interchange this with Step 6 since getting this right takes more time and patience then applying highlighter or blush)

Have you too looked at those video tutorials on YouTube or other channels and ended up finishing half of your palette and still not getting the look you wanted? I can’t do that either to be honest.

I start with a dark shade on my lid, mid tone for the crease and upper lid area I take the lighter shade. Blending them with a light hand and I remind you not to go overboard with this eyeshadow stuff or you might end up ruining your entire makeup done so far. Take it easy here… Rome was not built in a  day 😉

Step 9 – How to apply eyeliner and which ones to buy?

Apply Full Face Makeup – Video Tutorial

If you do not know which eyeliner you should be buying read this here first!

Eyeliner is a tricky makeup product for many. But lucky me I have practiced a lot and I think I have kind of a good idea of it by now. Tip: If you are not good at drawing solid lines, try dotted or dashed lines then eventually connect and build the eyeliner strokes slowly.

Not sure yet then you should read and bookmark this guide here!

Step 10 – Applying a lipstick

Start applying your lipstick from the center of your lips, and move along the sides. Press your lips together gently to ensure evenness without living areas untouched. At this very step you may want to apply your lip gloss in similar fashion to lipstick. 

How to apply your lipstick perfectly: Read Here

Step 11 – Apply make up fixer

The reason to apply a make up fixer now is that I often smudge my mascara pretty badly so just to be on the safe side I apply the fixer at this step. 

The purpose of a fixer, as the name states, is to hold the makeup together for longer hours. Spray it evenly and wait for it to dry naturally within seconds.

Step 12 – Applying Mascara like a pro

Use the mascara brush to apply sufficient amounts from the bottle to your eyelids. Do not dip the wand extensively to get more and more quantity of this on your lashes unless you want to be the next Halloween disaster (pun intended)


Your makeup is a way of expressing yourself! There is no set “how to” guide honestly. Do what feels right for you! This is one area where you can bring out the creative you (yes, we all have a creative soul within us!) Your makeup is also an extension of your personality… sober, dramatic, romantic and you name it.

But let me just quickly admit it is not that easy but neither unattainable…ok. As a beginner, exploring all those online videos in hopes of figuring out and nailing your makeup look is a major disappointment for some. But since now you are very well equipped with all the how to apply the perfect face makeup detailed tips. I hope you make full use of this comprehensive guide and use it to your fullest potential!

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