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If you are interested in the fashion industry and its careers but don’t know what specific career you might want, you have arrived at the right place. This will be a career series that will chalk out the mains and basics of your dream career in fashion. Stay Tuned! You might also use this series to understand your career better and encourage your current or future employer to change the title of your position to fit your responsibilities better or search for more opportunities that fit your preferences.

All That Glitters – Fashion Industry

At first glance, the fashion industry & careers seem ultra fascinating to newbies with drapes, jewelry, and shoes, but it’s not always what it seems. There is a tremendous amount of hard work, just like any other profession, that goes into it. There are indeed certain jobs that are fancier than others, but whatever you choose to do, you’ll need to work hard to chalk out your career plans and make your glittery dreams come to life.

Now why I am emphasizing on the fact that few fashion careers are more exciting than others is because it depends on your own persona, what do you prefer for example in school or during your degree you might like the idea of designing clothes, but later on you may realize that your pattern-cutting skills are awful & you hate cut & sew this is when you will realize that some alternative fashion career may be better suited for your career aspiration. But that’s no cause for concern. In fact, in such an extensive industry, there are hundreds of options to choose from – and you’re bound to find one that suits your preferences.

The Sea of Opportunities – Fashion Careers

fashion industry fashion careers

Whether you are a student or a fashion enthusiast already working in the industry, you must know that people working in fashion can work for a variety of organizations not just retail for that matter. Some are employed by clothing, shoe, or jewelry manufacturers, others work for design firms, branding agencies, wholesalers, event management companies, fashion magazines and last but not the least self-employment (as freelancers – Fashion Bloggers).

People working in fashion perform a variety of tasks. Those who work in fashion design might analyze trends in clothing, shoes, and accessories. They might decide which design concepts. They might use computer-aided design programs to develop designs.

What This Fashion Career Series Is All About

In this career series, we will be discussing work profiles in this industry and what you do exactly in a day, for instance, individuals who work in fashion merchandisers might visit retailers and convince them to buy certain clothing lines and close the deals on behalf of corporates. Those involved in visual design, branding or identity might create photo spreads, lookbooks, and presentations for articles and newspapers.

Key Fashion Careers In This Series

fashion industry & fashion careers

Fashion Marketing

Fashion Merchandising



Fashion Public Relation

Entry Level Jobs

Fashion Designing Courses

and much much more

If you are looking for any particular career (fashion) to be discussed, feel free to drop me a line.

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