Are you curious how fashion bloggers makes their money? Well some kind of income is required and a necessity for any blog to run right? Definitely YES… if you are interested in knowing this secret, then keep on reading. 

Fashion scene has revolutionized over the years – it has been so intense of late. We have gone from the old school wears to rag jeans, tank tops, vintage wears and back to old school wears all over again. The liberty fashion bloggers have is infinite – catering to the mass with their own specific ideologies of style and fashion.

The evolving nature of fashion industry is interesting – nothing is ever old. With this in mind, you need to understand the dos and don’ts. Not like there has been a drastic change in what used to be, but a lot has improved making it easier to make money as a fashion blogger. You need to stay unique, consistent and find others who share the same goals and enthusiasm. Learn how Fashion Bloggers Make Money!

Heads Up: Creating a blog is the easy bit, but making money off it might take a hard work of months and sometimes years.

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So you want to know how fashion bloggers make money?

There are two ways to make money by fashion bloggers. Actively and passively. Actively there are brand collaborations, product promotions, then passively fashion bloggers provide space on their website/blog to promote products from advertisers all over the world.

Have you ever looked at a bloggers’ social media and wondered how come they have such a diverse apparel and accessories, brand collaborations (Here’s an example) and passive income is the answer. When I was new to blogging I wondered how fashion bloggers post so much fashion, hairstyles and accessories. As I deeply dived in I realized, they are actually sponsoring various brands and  private labels of their area depending on their audience reach… But at the same time, there is a lot of planning and hard work that goes behind making a blog income worthy, and that’s how fashion bloggers make money!

Fashion bloggers make big money with continuous production of useful content and obviously its a mix of hard work and excellent PR.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways for fashion bloggers to make money with their fashion blog… Read On

How fashion bloggers make money passively?

Fashion bloggers don’t necessarily make money post creating a website only, however they make money when their content attracts a massive audience that follows them eventually making a purchase or watching a video online YouTube. There are many passive incomes that fashion bloggers make their money with, let’s see what all they are in list down below

Streamlined Income Sources For fashion bloggers – How Fashion Bloggers Make Money

Affiliate Marketing – There are media and advertising websites that pay fashion and beauty bloggers in exchange of website space to place their ads. They get a purchase done and bloggers get a commission. Its that simple. However the eye opener here is fashion bloggers spend a long time building an audience since this strategy requires them to have a large audience to get approved on those websites.

Affiliate Marketing allows fashion bloggers to showcase relevant brands and products that audience might love and would like to buy eventually through bloggers’ fashion blog or website.

By referring these affiliate products &/or services on a blog, fashion bloggers get a commission for every purchase of that product! Wonderful, right? And there are a lot of fashion products, and accessories out there waiting to be pushed out to customers. This is probably one of the most accessed technique to make money by fashion bloggers.

The Best Fashion Affiliate Program

How to Manage your affiliate marketing Gigs on WordPress?

Selling A Self Developed Product – This can be anything from a e-course, planner, printable, apparel. Fashion bloggers have the freedom of choosing what their interests are and how creatively push it your audience gently! This could be a course, a product, a t-shirt and others that help fashion bloggers make money.

Google Adsense – The most popular of them all for newbies is Google adsense. This follows the same process like affiliates. Google makes a payment to blogger for the click/purchase that is generated through blogger’s website.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense allows blogger to generate income by displaying related adverts on blogger’s website and pays quite well actually depending on the visitors that come through the site and make a purchase!

So, the idea is, the more traffic from the blog, the more clicks, and the income fashion bloggers can have.

Sponsored Content – Most of the successful bloggers don’t have their own clothing line, or makeup! They support and promote other brand’s products give product review or write a piece of content that sends the reader to their website. Thus, another major source of income for fashion bloggers is being paid for sponsored content this is just another way of how fashion bloggers make money.

Sell Online – Once a fashion blogger has a website in place and there is a decent traffic being driven to the blog. Then a fashion blogger can actually promote their Etsy or Shopify (any online store) that they create to generate more money and profits.

Wrapping Up

Dear future fashion blogger, so glad you followed us thus far. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but the efforts you put in will be rewarding. Till then just stay original, consistent and get personal with your audience.

The ideal path is to keep providing your audience with relevant information and money will be the by-product in no time!

I believe this article has been of great help. Like this article, share on your social media and leave a comment if you have any question or suggestion below.

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