Believe it or not, there is a growing trend of the Gua Sha facial techniques floating around the internet. As unbelievable it might sound to non-believers but this technique seemingly offers age-defying advantages. GuaSha involves scraping a crystal rock across your face to extract toxins out of your system. So if you are one of those skin health freaks and would like to try out this technique, keep on reading…

What is Gua-Sha?

This is pronounced as Gwaa-Shaa. This is a pretty “ancient” facial technique and since now everyone seems to value the classic stuff more, this is refloating across multiple platforms! 

Why Gua Sha?

It is believed that Gua-sha tends to improve the drainage of lymphatic fluids while promoting better blood flow to relieve tension and stress. And if you happen to drink plenty of fluids in your diet, Gua-sha will also help you to keep your face skin’s hydration level in check at all times. Authentic Jade (crystal) Gua-sha tool helps your skin to detoxify and oxygenate better. It has a soothing effect that helps relieve tension and fine lines, minimizing puffiness and inflammation while enhancing natural clarity.

Key Benefits of Gua Sha Tool Facial

  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Decreases puffiness
  • Makes the skin more firm (tight)
  • Reduces facial tension
  • Activates your face’s different meridians
  • Can reduce hyperpigmentation
  • It sculpts, lifts, depuffs, and firms the area it is used correctly on

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Gua Sha Facial Tool


Ok so you have just bought a Gua-Sha set and almost ready to use, just looking for some beginner tips to use it? Read On…

Types of Gua-Sha tools (Shapes)

Typically made out of gentle crystals Gua-sha tools induce a holistic health ritual for your skin. Now, the heart-shaped Jade crystal is probably the most common shape that you get while Googling. There is no rocket science attached to the tools it is for both beginners and advanced level Gua-sha lovers. It offers an easy grip and has a larger area ideal for usage on your cheek and neck. Gua-sha tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes and most popular designs tend to look like a foot or a heart. Choose what you feel most comfortable with so it spends more time working on your skin than in the drawer!

How to use these facial tools

Start at the neck and work your way up to the forehead. This way you make way for the fluids in your face to drain the correct way.

Before you use the Gua-Sha tool, prep the skin since it won’t be fun scraping your dry skin at all. Use a generous amount of facial mist first and a few drops of face oil to encourage gliding the tool along. When you begin to use your Gua-sha tool, you’ll stroke sideways and slightly upward. For example, if you start at the cheek, you want to move toward the ear). Make sure you’re supporting your skin with the other hand. Repeat this stroke about three times and continue along the rest of your face.

A detailed guide with illustration here

P.S. Do not use Gua-Sha if your skin has breakouts, has extreme inflammation, surgery scar, wounds.

Things to remember

  • Upward and outward strokes
  • Press gently under the eyes
  • Wrap up the process with upward strokes on the forehead towards the hairline
  • Prep your skin with a fine quality facial oil

You also want to check out this visual representation of Gua-Sha Facial!

How often should you use these facial tools?

Now, this is an important question many of the newbies have in mind since they like doing it but do not know when and where to stop! So let me tell ya overuse of any tool is never recommended especially when it is being used on a delicate area like your face.

Keep it limited to two to three times per week. If you have sensitive skin then you need to limit this to once a week unless you have a professional suggesting you otherwise. Use it in the mornings to energize your skin and give it a quick workout. In the evenings you will want to draw out the tension from your blood vessels so you can have a relaxing deep sleep.

Tell us your experience with Gua-Sha!

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  1. Here is an incredible post. Author shares superb ideas including all things that should be very helpful for everyone. Keeps all about very straightforward. Thanks for posting.

  2. Gua Sha is a self-care and TCM clinic practise that can be used together. Gua Sha is a fantastic body massage tool for releasing muscle tension and breaking down fascia adhesions, making it ideal for people who have tight muscles, poor circulation, or stiff necks. It aids de-puffing, microcirculation, and collagen formation as a face treatment. Consistency is necessary for Gua Sha.

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