Flavours of Red – Colours That Are Eternal

If the color red frightens you or you belong to the group that believes that red is not your color, this post shall make you friends with this color.

To start with what you wear and color you wear is YOUR choice , nobody should be permitted into that territory of yours. Wear what you desire and as long as you can carry it with charismatic elegance you will be just fine.

Colour Red Fashion

Red is one of the colors that people shy away from wearing , typically you will not find many reds in people’s wardrobe. If we can have endless whites and blacks on our shelves why not reds. Its not the poor red but our own perceptions of “what others will say”that pulls us away from picking that red top or jacket or dress.

If you are not sure how to dress up in that red dress, to start with you can always mix a darker or lighter contrast scarf, jewelry with it to tone the red down. You never have to choose the brightest red on the shelves, one reason for shying away from red could be wrong shade choice. Age and skin color are never the criteria for avoiding colors. Ok dont believe me have a look at the bold and beautiful women in the picture shared below.

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