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Style Alert – What to Wear on First Date? Let us help

Are you in a situation where you do not know what to wear on your first date? Well, then you have landed up in the right spot for suggestions. I won’t keep you waiting and jump right into the topic!

Let us all admit that we have been in a situation where we wanted to impress that special guy and things did not turn out as they should have. But as we do more practice, hits & misses we have learnt a whole lot!

So what we do?

There is no guide book set by the industry experts obviously since fashion and style are very personal. On one hand, you have to remain updated with the latest trends in your age group and you also need to keep a check on what suits you (and budget is equally important without saying huh?) Choose something that not only adorns you but also complements your style and personality. Now there are multiple options, – formal & casual options, dress or denim, floral or geometrical and many many more

This is not only for the very first date you are going to but many more dates that are going to follow! But we will stick to the topic here and will try and make the first date the most memorable experience for you. The best way to get important points covered is by having this checklist handy.

Here is the checklist you will want to keep close when deciding what to wear for your first date

-Colour preferences

-Your skin tone


-Is it a daytime date or date night

Now how far you can go with skin show?

-Too fancy

-Too modest

-Simple or Trendy, this depends on your personal choice

-High-end or sober

So to start with this is not a job interview but if you want to impress your date the first impression should be pretty fascinating and decent I would say. You know as human beings we all judge based solely on first impressions. 

Here are defined looks you will want to take ideas from

first date outfit ideas
Boho Tank Top | Casual Denim Jacket
first date style tips
Vibrant Dress | Sober Traditional Outfit
what to wear first date
Short Casual Dress | Stylish Black Dress & Boots
what to wear first date
Straw Hat | Casual Look With Sneakers

Try These Cute Style Combos

Floral Dress + Bohemian Straw Bag.

Tank Top + Denim Jacket + Jeans + Casual Shoes.

Ruffle Top + Trousers + Flat Sandals.

Floaty White Dress + Woven Bucket Bag.

Casual Blazer + Palazzo Trousers

Now if you are a college student then here is your bonus for landing up on this article, an excellent resource for CollegeFashion

Some more chic fashion ideas for your very first date

Pinterest Fashion Pin-Up Board

To Sum Up…

Always have a few basic building blocks in your wardrobe and experiment by throwing stylish pieces together with the basic one. Never forget to accessorize! Your first date is usually a very special experience that you will want to cherish for many years to come. Agreed that the first date is overwhelming but with these easy style tips, you will be ready in no time. [All Image Courtesy: Pixabay]

Then also do not forget to wear that beautiful smile of yours at all times.


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