Ever wonder why you keep shopping that same colour everytime you go to your favorite brand store. Well the answer is quite straightforward! Its because you have a particular taste when it comes to style and you have a particular fashion personality. There are major 4 fashion or style personalities that dominate the style circle! Let’s explore what they are!

Classic (The Investor Personality)

If you do not like changes or prefer transitions then classic might be your fashion karma that you live by! Classic describes your style just right. If you prefer looks that don’t “expire” or you tend to avoid over the top looking styles.

 Earthy or natural fabric styles are what you prefer. Classic style personality tends to invest in pieces that last longer. They like traditional settings and staying away from too much experimentation is what they prefer. 

Classic style personalities tend to mourn on worn out pieces that they archived for a very long time 😉

Classic style personality tends to look clean and natural. They often choose the most expensive item on the display. A casual clothing style is something you are not very comfortable with. You would rather borrow your sister’s jeans for a day or two and once again buy one of another classic item to add to your wardrobe.

Tops 8 items in your chic closet

Neutral colours

Handchains & feminine watches

Cashmere & Luxurious fabrics (long-term investments)

Neutral and pastel shades in makeup

Elegant clutches & basic wallets

Uncomplicated hairstyle ideas

Simple jewelery (semi-precious stones & precious metals)

Fit and/or flare dresses

Romantic (Valentine’s Lover Personality)

If you love to flaunt your feminine curves in soft flowy fabrics and you love to dress to impress. Romantic style personalities have less to do with being comfortable.

All that glitters might be in your wardrobe, frilly dresses, flowy silhouettes are what attract you the most! You are easily pulled towards intrinsic patterns and pieces.

Embellishments are something you love to flaunt in your dressing style. Frills, ruffles, bows, and laces are your best style friends

Pastel/Soft colors are something you adore. Every time you step out you are no less than a glamorous diva or a perfectionist!

Top 8 items that you have in your closet

Hues of pink

Crystal jewelry or accessories

Fur attire or accessories

Subtle watches with thin leather straps or handchain

Flowy dresses and tops/blouses

Strappy sandals

Frills & Ruffles

Rosy makeup

Sporty (Low Maintenance Personality)

You are fun, easy-going and low maintenance. You least care about the latest trends and would rather spend your day in cozy, comfortable attire. Straightforward, simple, sporty, sunny are the adjectives that define your personality. At ease with your fashion sense, you project a fun-loving attitude. You shop for the casuals more often and neutral colours are your style soulmate. 

Top 8 Items in Your Wardrobe:



Bomber Jackets


Canvas Sneakers


Sport Watch

Tank Tops

Fun Fact : 92% of the women own at least one clothing item they have never worn.

More Facts

Expressive (Bold & Outrageous personality)

Extravagant fashion is one word that suits your style quotient. Dramatic fashion personalities prefer bold colours and accessories that other fashion personalities might not be used to. You stand out in the crowd and are not afraid to do the same. Over-the-top fashion accessories are things that you adore. 

Here are the top 8 things that you possess

Neon colours

Striking Animal prints

Heels (4” or more)

Oversized sunglasses and Bags

Eye makeup that is bold

Statement Jewelery

Comfort level with bare skin

Runway hairstyles

Regardless of these 4 personalities remember that we at times mix and match various personalities in our daily life. The essence of idea is to carry your style with confidence and love. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

See you in the next article!

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