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Who won’t love to have healthy glowing skin? I mean regardless of you being a male or female, healthy skin in winter is something you crave, right? Indeed, it would be best if you made little effort for that by doing Face Yoga. 

Also, do you realize that there are a lot of changes in your skin at the arrival of Winter. So, here it is, a little effort and time investment of 15-20 min daily of face yoga can help your skin stay radiant and glowing throughout winters and beyond! The basic idea behind face yoga is to tone your face muscles with the help of specific postures or exercises. 

You indeed start covering up yourself by adding layers of warmer clothing to keep away from cold, infections, dry skin, and others. Interestingly, Yoga works something similar to that and keeps your skin radiant, plumped, and smooth. It involves various exercises and massages for your face, skin, muscle, and lymphatic system that helps to stimulate them. 

Let’s see what all these exercises are…

Face Yoga for Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is one cliche issue that you experience AND NO this doesnt have to do with your age. The kind of fast and furious lifestyles you live can put a lot of stress on you, and a poor diet can cause sagging skin too! Indeed, you’ll get the best results from these two face yoga as it shows efficacy in tightening your face skin. Do this for 21 Days religiously and thank me later! You’d notice a youthful glow in your face and its overall skin texture!

  • The Cheek Lifter – Yoga for skin tightening

It would be best if you formed an “O” by opening your mouth and pulling your upper lips towards your top teeth. Slightly smile and place your fingers on each cheek once it’s lifted. Repeat the process by raising and lowering your cheeks muscles. 

Anti-ageing Face Yoga

You’d be glad to note that there are about five anti-ageing facial Yoga that you could do by yourself at home. Indeed, by practicing facial Yoga for two to four months, you could notice the difference, including fewer wrinkles or fine lines and less tension. 

  • Smooth the Brow – Massage those wrinkles away

Sweep your fingers outwards by placing both the hands in your forehead facing inwards. You need to spread your fingers between eyebrows and hairline and gently sweep, applying minimal pressure. 

Face Yoga for Clear Skin

No doubt, it is the best method for flushing out the toxins from your skin. Also, you could have a hormonal balance with regular practicing some specific face yoga postures. The regular movement in these postures makes your skin ‘workout’ literally!

  • Crystal Clear – Glass Skin Effect

Inhale with your mouth till your cheeks get puffed up. Release the air after holding it for 10 seconds. Also, you could move the air to your right cheek and hold the left cheek respectively to have better results.

Face Yoga for Wrinkles

Other than the Yoga mentioned above called smooth the brow, you can try third eye softener facial yoga for getting rid of wrinkles. It helps in stress reduction and headaches and relaxes your forehead muscles, which even soften the vertical lines between your brows. 

  • Third Eye Softener –

You have to press repeatedly on the same spot between your eyebrows with one finger. Be gentle, the pressure has to be firm without aggressive force. Keep massaging the third eye and close your eyes while doing this. This posture tends to remove finer lines on the forehead area.

You can easily do this while taking a 5-10 minutes break from your daily routine. Just relax and let go… Give your skin the time-out it deserves!

Face Yoga for Eye Bags

You can strengthen your upper and lower eyelids by doing facial Yoga, especially for eye bags. Also, it helps increase blood circulation, brighten the skin around the eyes, and decrease your under eye-puffiness quickly. 

  • Lower Eyelid Firmer – Bye bye concealers!

Place your middle and index finger on the inside and outside of your eyes, respectively. It would be best if you squinted with your lower eyelids so that you could feel the tightening of your eye muscle under your fingers. 

If you are stuck to using a concealer on a regular basis for hiding those dark eye bags then it’s time to kiss them goodbye and switch to this one pose 🙂

Is that it?

No Absolutely not, There is a plethora of exercises out there, But these were some Face Yoga to get you started 😉

Whether it is changing weather, lifestyle or poor habits of skincare routine, you can try the above mentioned facial exercises or call it Face Yoga to tone your face muscles and witness the change in your skin. A little effort goes a looong way, right? It does wonders to your skin, making it glowing and radiant naturally.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found it informative and helpful regarding face Yoga. 

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