Definition : a garment consisting of trousers with a bib held up by straps over the shoulders, made of calico, denim, or a similar material and worn as casual or working clothes.

Dungarees! This one is the item that we overlook in our everyday styling. We wait for that particular “casual” day out and sadly enough we never find that day! Hmm too bad.

Dungarees are often an underrated item of the wardrobe , so the whole idea is to make it pop out to your eye so it starts coming out more often from that wardrobe and being a part of your conventional clothing.

There is more than one way of looking at this outfit that we often ignore or overlook. Styling this in Formal. So there are many styles that we can choose from to begin with…

Dungarees Fashion Blog
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  1. Traditional Denim Dungarees
  2. Dungaree Dress
  3. Pinafore Dungarees
  4. Dungaree Shorts
  5. Formal Dungarees

Many of them we are very well aware of whereas the Formal Dungarees is a tricky one, not everybody wishes to cross that border line of casual dressing that Dungarees perfectly fit in.

Choose a lighter fabric as Crepe, polyester and colors depending on the time of the day for example Black for office, lighter pastel shade for evenings. To pair it, you can add a blazer this will instantly perk up the style quotient from Casual to Formal.

Fun Facts Dungaree:

Though traditionally farmers wore overalls in blue denim, house painters and carpenters wore dungarees/overalls in white.

Some really cool dungarees to look at are posted here Crochet Dungarees, Dungaree Skirts and Patterned ones.

So next time you are overlooking those Dungarees lying in your cupboard, remember to “Deck out Dungarees”

Hope you enjoyed this slice of fashion. Stay tuned for more and more. Thanks for reading!

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