Alright, guys how many of you crave those custom-made shoes worn by celebrities and wish you could have the same privilege too? Finding a brand that offers custom shoes in India is yet a dream, but, guess what? This product review for Toesmith Sneakers is surely going to show you a roadmap to your custom made dream shoe. Toesmith is once such a brand that’s already making a difference in the world of the footwear industry by crafting customized shoes online in India. 

custom shoes in India - Toesmith reviews

After coming across Toesmith I felt that why settle for an average pair of shoes when I can get MY exceptional custom design shoe crafted by the industry experts?

If you are a shoe addict AND you love amazing shoes that are designed to reflect your personality inside and out but have no idea who to turn to, today is your chance to explore one such unique custom-made shoe brand in India that is here to fulfill all your footwear needs. So let’s get going and see what all this unique brand has for you!

Custom shoes in India – What I Loved the Most? Their Customisation Feature…

I personally love the way Toesmith allows me to choose what I want and how I want it. I ordered these amazing custom sneakers from them and totally fell in love with the design and print of them. Personalizing shoes as per my specifications is something I really think is unique and enticing since customization adds a personal touch. I get to wear a pair of shoes that are specifically made for me as per my inputs. How does it get better than this? Well, it offers you many amazing designs where you can choose one of your favorites!

Toesmith – Crafting Custom Shoes in India

If you too are one of those who love to encourage locally made brands then let me tell you that Toesmith is a customized footwear technology brand proudly made in India. They offer custom sneakers and/or shoes designed by creators from all over the world with the option to customize/personalize the design as per your preference.

custom shoes in India - Toesmith reviews

Custom shoes in India – Trending Style, Colours & More

Trending, is the love of customization… you know? Toesmith offers an enormous collection in the category of custom shoes in India. From colourful to monotones they have it all. If you ask me, well, I loved the ‘Millennial’ design that they have. The styling possibilities of this colour combination and print are infinite. Also, the social media generation is sure to get lured by its cute, functional look & design. A detailed review has been delivered below. Check out the Millennial design here

Unisex customized shoes:

I am one of those people who don’t appreciate the gender division in shoes like if it is super pink no guys can wear it and Blue then definitely not for girls. You get my point, right? Toesmith offers an amazingly promising collection of custom-made shoes in India that are gender-neutral (unisex shoes). So basically these shoe designs are unisex and are wearable by all genders! Love this!!!


Since shoes have to go through a lot, they promise you the usage of the best quality fabric for rough and tough use that surely extends the life of the shoe.

Lightweight TPR sole:

For those who are not into shoe customization as much let me tell you that TPR soles are useful for handling skids and slips on slippery surfaces. TPR possesses a rough texture that supports everyday rugged usage yet it remains lightweight. It is water-resistant as well as breathable enough to wear regularly. So while I am wearing the shoe it feels super easy and light on my feet. This one feature makes sure that your new customized shoe spends less time in the closet!

custom shoes in India - Toesmith reviews
Toesmith Review

Memory foam insole:

If you suffer from foot discomfort then this feature is going to woo you, memory foam shoes have gained significant popularity due to the excellent support they offer to your feet. Additionally, memory foam used in Toesmith shoes offers warmth (well-suited for winters) and incredible foot support!

Fun Fact: Sneakers got their name because their rubber soles do not make noise.

Washable fabric:

Since I tend to make my shoes really messy (obviously ;), this feature definitely helps me easily wash my favorite pair of Toesmith sneakers with a mild soap, and Voila! My custom sneakers are brand new once again!

Return Policy & Warranty

Guys, the biggest concern we have while shopping these days is the return policy. So rest assured. They have a ‘7 days no questions asked’ return policy where you can simply return a shoe if you change your mind (highly unlikely)! 

They also offer 6 months of manufacturing defects warranty!!

Custom shoes in India – What All You Can Expect?

Best custom shoes in India - Toesmith revies
Toesmith Sneakers review

Toesmith has these amazingly crafted shoes, I would say if you are on a hunt for buying sneakers online in India disguised as style-conscious shoes developed by creative minds for creative you. From super wacky to sober prints, they have it all. These shoes can be styled in various ways to make your outfit look unique, not just different. With unusual ideas in mind, this shoe brand ensures that you feel and look your best every time you step out of that door!

Good Shoes Takes You Good Places

Custom shoes in India – Why Toesmith?

There are a growing number of people who have these amazingly creative ideas for their dream customized shoes, then there are others who want styles that are not the typical shoes worn by the masses, but they don’t know where to go looking for their dream shoe? This is where Toesmith steps in selling amazing sneakers online in India!

If you are on a hunt for custom shoes in India to find that perfect shoe to satisfy your style preferences. Toesmith offers a whole lot of options to cater to all your “perfect pair of shoes” anxieties!

You literally have the control over product design to make your pair of shoes as unique as you are! You choose your design, your color, and your details. They craft your desired pair as per specifications using the finest and durable materials. 

Your Custom Shoes in India Search Halts Here

As we know that one size doesn’t fit all similarly I feel one design doesn’t fit all either. I would say do go ahead and explore their website and see what all it has to offer! Unleash the artist in you and own one of a kind custom shoes in India with Toesmith!

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  1. 3rd class item, Quality of product is very poor. Not even close to what it looks on website. you can get these items from Sarojni nagar/Karol bag in just 150 to 200 rupee.

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