A Step by Step Guide to Start a Fashion Blog – how to create a fashion blog?

Do you “WOW!” others with your fashion sense, style, and creativity? Do your friends call you anytime they need to change their wardrobe, buy new wears, or ask what to wear for an event because they trust your fashion sense? Do you always know the trending wears, where to find them, and the best way to rock them? If the response to all these questions is a resounding Yes! Then you need to monetize your fashion creativity and start blogging.

The internet is filled with tons of fashion blogs, Scary, right? Especially for a newbie. But worry not!

Surprisingly, the internet is a gold mine with inexhaustible opportunities for those who are determined. So, get on this wagon and let me take you on the fashion blogging tips & tricks spree. One of the most important things about fashion blogging is that it helps you put ideas out there to a larger audience who are ready to listen to your creative fashion ideas and this could earn you some cool cash while at it. Now, let’s get you started with the basics.

Create a fashion blog that matters

The most crucial prop-point of standing out as a Fashion Blogger is to be consistent, have your voice, and own it; a great taste of fashion and personality. Use your style perspective to own this niche; this will help you make your blog more popular and easier to monetize.

Let’s cover the basics of how to create a fashion blog

How to create a fashion blog – Get your Own Domain + Hosting

Now that you have so much inspiration and support from your social media fashion enthusiasts it’s time to take it a notch higher. But first, before you launch or start creating your blog, there’s one thing you will always need. Content! Yes, you need to have something that goes on your blog daily, weekly, or bi-weekly to keep up with your audience. Content is the life of every blog – Good Content. Now the next is a blog platform to post your content. The best platform in vogue now is WordPress.

How to create my fashion blog from scratch with WordPress Click the link and follow the instruction promptly and you’re good to go – creating your blog is will also require domain purchase and a host where you will “store” your blog site.

Down below is a discounted affiliate link that gets you quick and easy WordPress blog hosting!

Creating a fashion blog and building presence via Social media

Over 2.65 million people are on Social Media and more than 800 million of them are almost always active especially on Instagram and Facebook.  Social Media is an awesome place to start.

Share your blog posts actively on social media and drive the traffic from there to your blog. Always leave a “call to action” button on every blog post or social media post.

If you are thinking…How do I know who got engaged with my blog post, even if they don’t leave a comment or share? Here’s how Click here

This way you know the number of people who visit, why, and how to get them to engage on your blog post. Interesting isn’t it?

SEO – How to create a fashion blog

If you ask any blogging expert they can easily tell that SEO is the soul of a blogging career. There are these deeply hidden SEO techniques that you must be aware of in order to not just create a fashion blog but make it a successful one. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes sure your article is ranked in search engines and attracts the audience that is the major part of the blogging.

How to create a fashion blog – Your Social Media Presence

You already have the awesome fashion ideas and styles to showcase; therefore, having a strong social media presence will help you transition into fashion blogging – thus creating the strong and lasting foundation you need.

The number of followers, friends, and fans you get on Social Media are diverted as traffic.

To get the best out of your social media audience, engage them, know exactly what they love. Know your Target Audience right! Keep an interesting bio, related to what you are into, let your followers know who you are, what you stand for and the type of fashion style you’re into. 

Trust me, social media presence is a major part if you are into the fashion and style industry!

Take advantage of Instagram and Facebook audience. They have more users on there than other social media platforms – So how do you achieve this:

  • Be an original fashion blogger, rephrase where needed, share your view on the concept being shared by you
  • Scout and take note of post, hashtags, and style of top brands and fashion enthusiasts on the social media you’re on
  • Do the same but with a better style that communicates with your audience
  • Engage other social media fashion influencers and promote their post and ask them to return the favor (only if you have a good number of followers)
  • Tag them on your posts (in a subtle manner without being pushy – with permission); doing this, your followers and theirs get to see your work

Once you have built a good number of audience with SEO and social media, You can easily learn – How bloggers make money and do it yourself?

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