Corona Virus – How to keep calm in global crisis!

Corona Virus and how to keep calm tips are just what you need in this time of global outbreak. With the corona virus pandemic, the world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Now the thing is there are few factors about corona virus that we cannot really change, however, as challenging as it sounds there is a lot more going on behind the scenes to fight and prevent from Corona Virus. The governments are doing their best and we all are hoping to recover from this unexpected global health crisis as the earliest!!

Today we will be looking at things that we can do to help our mental health, lifestyle changes and an overall perspective change towards the world that we live in!

How Corona has affected our mindsets

As positive as we are trying to look and feel amid this CoronaVirus pandemic. Seems like the news channels, everyone talking about this one single thing ultimately absorbs us in the blackholes of anticipation and anxiety! But here is what you can do to keep yourself uplifted and enlightened

Simple ways to lower your anxiety and stress

Exercise: Everything that keeps moving never dies! This should be your mantra for the health regime during such crisis situations. Do light walking, stretching and light exercises. This will keep releasing some good positive hormones that play vital roles to lower your stress.

Sleep: This is the time when you can make up for all the lost sleep over hectic schedules and workplace gossip. This is the time to give your body the much needed rest. Trust me all crises end sooner than you can imagine and once its over then the fast paced lifestyle comes back to life. So this is your time , unwind and take longer naps and let your body recharge itself, you will thank me for this later on!

Eat right: Do not binge eat. This is time you will cherish your kitchen and terrace garden. Fresh supply of organic veggies and herbs are just what you need during this time. Include more fruits than breads in your breakfast, more juices than colas and emphasize on healthy snacking than air sealed chips! Once the pandemic is over your body will be ready like never before to head start tackling the crazy world out there!

Meditate: We all prefer netflixing over some mindful meditations however I am sure you would realize that like any other thing netflixing will have its saturation point at some stage. This is when the calm of your own inside world will bring your broken pieces together. Calm down and allow your body to relax and prepare for the future, a brighter one indeed!

Dance: Yup even if you are a bad dancer, having a good dance alone or with your friends, housemates or family can actually help you relax to a greater extent and who knows you might be ready to compete in the next episode of “So you think you can dance” 😉

Do not Imagine things that have not even happened: This is tempting since all we hear over social media or anywhere else is about the “Pandemic” the world is fighting with! But learn to calm your busy mind and prefer something more productive than counting on the worst that might not even happen!

Build your relationships: This is the time that you never got to spend with your dear spouse. Make space for your relationship. Make them a breakfast, coffee or a dinner. Enjoy a candlelight evening and express your love towards your significant other!

Reduce your waste: As you consume more organic food, your plastic waste will automatically reduce! Try to use less of everything, abundance can come from small efforts in such times of crisis!

How To Ease Your Coronavirus Depression 

These pandemics, natural threats are something that are out of your control! All you can really control is the way you will deal with such situations.

Avoid Unnecessary Information

Too much information about anything can panic your senses easily. So stop reading every single thing on the internet and on the newspaper. Carefully feed your mind only with actual facts and solutions!

You feel overwhelmed

Of course you do! Since no one wants to die or lose their loved ones, but can you really avoid such a situation, I don’t know maybe you can with preventive measures, But what more you can do is spend time with them instead of excessive time on social media reading every single news items that is thrown in front of your eyes.

Be Present

Instead of imagining how worse it can hit you, start planning wisely how well you can avert the disaster even if it does strike you! By planning in advance you can make sure that the impact of that economic hit is reduced to a greater extent!

How Corona Virus will impact the style industry

Covid19 (CoronaVirus) Outbreak started spreading its wings all over China’s Wuhan city and slowly took over the world. It is now predicted by the experts that it will surely impact the global economic situation. But how will this all change the apparel (fashion & style ) industry. Some major hits and changes are but not limited to…

Major brands are now reworking on their major contracts already. Inventories are being altered and redone.

All the major manufacturing houses in asian countries are seeing the change in purchase orders and inventory related commitments!

Migrant workers are the ones at a greater threat of Covid19 affecting them sooner or later

Big Brands are trying to step up and save their supply chain workers

Consumer demands are seeing an all time low growth as the balance between the seller and buyer is dwindling.

Without doubt China’s export capacity has shaken up and since the release of Covid19 buyers are less and less interested in placing or claiming the orders placed!

Here is a detailed analysis of CoronaVirus’s impact on global fashion industry 

That’s it for this post. The empty streets. no gatherings or meetings, feeling sad and aloof are something not many humans are fond of. Still remind yourself to take good care of yourself and remember there is always a light at the end of this tunnel.

God Bless…Love & Light

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