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how to apply perfect lipstick
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Apply Perfect Lipstick Every Time Meticulously – Read

Smudged lipsticks are something that is not what a stylist like you would want right? Read these super easy and quick steps to help you apply perfect lipstick every time every stroke. Tame your chapped lips Lips are an important part of your facial features. They tell how good care you take of your body …

types of liners beauty blog
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Types of Eyeliner – Quick Easy Guide For You

There are many types of eyeliners available in the market so the bottom line is how do you decide on picking or or few of them. Here are some quick pros and cons of different types of eyeliners. When choosing eyeliner, there’s actually a few important things to consider. You might have heard this that, …

how to apply eyeliner tips and tricks
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Ways to Apply Perfect Eyeliner in Minutes – Eye Makeup Tips

If you want to apply that perfect eyeliner wing and think it is difficult to do so, you are wrong! It’s totally possible to get a perfect eyeliner for any eye shape and size. Winged eyeliner is something we all want to have for looking picture perfect. Today we explore easy ways to get winged …

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9 Make-up Hacks & Secrets For Flawless Skin

These Make-up Hacks & Secrets are sure to save you from ruining a perfect day! Read the top 9 makeup hacks that can’t just go wrong. Let’s get started quickly. Prepare in advance – Overnight Skin Routine If you don’t know, your body cells heal when you have a good night’s sleep. It’s during slumber …

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Super Easy Makeup Removers (Natural) For Festive Season!

Are you looking for easy make-up removers and easier ones on your pocket too then you have arrived! Make-up remover generally comes in three forms, liquid, gel or cream, make-up removers are supposed to help you remove your make-up with ease before you hit your bed since leaving make-up on and not removing it can …

Hair care tips in summer 2020
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15 Fabulous Ways For Hair Care This Summer! Tips & Tricks

The temperature has already risen, and summer hair care tips are right here for you! Summertime means florals, flip-flops, and Sunshine. No matter the quality of hair, with summer your hair tend to get lifeless and scalp is affected too. Today’s article covers 15 ideas that will help you keep your hair shiny and lustrous …

beauty face packs for summer women
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Easy Beauty Pack That Will Win You in No Time! Read

Too busy in meetings, household chores and just dont have enough time to give your skin some love? If this sounds familiar then you are reading just the right article! Today, I am sharing with you guys a super quick and easy face pack that’s going to take only 15 minutes of your precious time …