How to dress boho? Characterized by long tiered flowing (often sheer) skirts and dresses, peasant tops are what you may call BOHO fashion! And if you think of the accessories of wooden and crystal jewelry, fine embroideries are another interesting element that defines Bohemian fashion.

Boho fashion can also be considered as expressing the adventurous streak yours. Carefree, creative, and free-spirited. boho fashion is perfect if you possess the aforementioned personality styles. Today we explore what boho fashion is and how you can pair it in various styles to get that perfect holiday feel within! So how you dress boho? Let’s see

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“BOHO” is abbreviated for the word “Bohemian.” Created in the 19th century this term was meant to represent the Romani people and their “living style” known as Bohemianism. Its origin dates back to France when artistic classes began to experience monetary hardships and created one of a kind community that believed in the concept of liberty, free love, exploring new geographical locations, and basically being who they really were. Around the ’60s and ’80s, this became one of its kind fashion trends that were widely accepted across the globe only to later realize that Boho will remain a classic fashion trend forever… Today we explore how you can give a touch of bohemian style to your outfit.

How to dress boho? Choose Earth Tones

If you prefer subtle tones then maybe you already have that boho blood in your style veins 😉 Earthy tones are away to portray the grounded and calm nature of the wearer.

How to dress boho? Define Boho Style with Fringe

There is no boho without a fringe. They somehow represent the feathers of birds’ flock. Adding fringe to your outfit will instantly raise the style quotient for your final look.

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How to dress boho? Layering adds a signature touch

Although bohemian fashion is considered to be a summer fashion trend. However, to help you with unexpected weather transitions it’s always a good idea to wisely layer your outfit to give warmth to your body and style to your overall look.

How to dress boho? Prints Are Crucial

It’s not boho if it’s not printed. There are plenty of amazing prints that you should choose from to best suit your taste and comfort level.

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How to dress boho? Boho means flowing forever!

Skinny tight is hardly recognized as Bohemian fashion. The flow represents the flowing water and the never-ending airflow through mother nature!

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The bohemian vogue was all the craze in the ’60s and early ’70s. It was its revival by Hollywood celebrities like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and the Olsen Twins. They embraced this rustic look and added their touch of high fashion touch to a more hippie-luxe look. Boho fashion is more of a liberal fashion if it’s restricted, it’s not Boho! As simple as a Boho look might be there are also many ways to spice this simple look up! Here’s are the key elements:

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  • Wooden Beads Jewelry
  • Bold Pendants
  • Straw Hats
  • Floral Prints
  • Fancy Crystal Rings
  • Round Aviators
  • See-Through Crochet
  • Boots and/or Wedge Heels
  • Palazzo
  • Broad Belts
  • And last but not the least
  • Canvas Bags

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So now that you have learned the amazing accessories and key elements of Boho fashion, it’s now your time to shine through. Be it a day out or a night party with these cool style tips. Close to a farmland style with attractive influences of the modern city, Boho (Bohemian) fashion is just what a carefree soul like you should explore!

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