Need Someone to help create a blog for your business?

Why You Should Invest In My Blog Building Service

My blog building service can help you do other important work such as planning, writing content, strategizing your digital plan, while I do the blog setup for you from scratch!

No experience

When it comes to blog building you require the correct guidance. Here, you require no experience when you choose my services to set up your new blog!

Focus on Business

There is no need to set aside your business and ideas. Continue working on your ideas and business while I do the stressful blog building part for you!

Save Time

Stop stressing over the complexities of blog building and monetizing through it. Save your time and hire my services to get started now. Its that easy!

Functional Blog

I deliver you a fully functional blog. So all you need to do next is get making money online from your website. Get a beautiful website with amazing themes, widgets & more

Choose the perfect plan

Plan 1 priced at $125 is for our extremely new bloggers who have absolutely no ideas and would like some help setting up domain and hosting plans! Priced at $200 is for new bloggers or business owners who need a new fully functional website to run their business successfully. Maintenance is priced at $40 for troubleshooting post website set-up! 

Don’t worry I have got your back!

$ 125 Yearly

Domain + Hosting PacK


Newbie aspirant


Follow Ups

Frequently asked questions

Well it depends! If you are highly fascinated by the idea of blogging building and making money online, having control over your content and creativity but have no idea where to start then go for the super affordable yearly plan $125.  I handover details and you get on with your website creation and making it big in the online business! Its a win-win.


If You are  a newbie who has their eyes set on having their own business online and wish me to take charge of your website creation. there is a one time fees of $200 (this includes various items and my service fees)


Once your website or blog is live there are chances you might need help from the creator of the website (that being me here) you can simply make a small one time payment of  $40 and ask me to trouble shoot or guide you.

This is for the ease of my international clients who invest in my blog building service. If you are in my native country convert the dollar value using an online calculator and you make payment in INR 🙂

Nil actually, if you are going for the Newbie
aspirant plan than I take care of the stressful part (creating your website) as well I guide you for basic functions so you can manage your website from there with expertise!

I accept through PayPal or Payoneer. Both are fast and easy for buyers and customers!

Hosting and Domain both are delivered within 2 working days!

Your website is delivered to you within a week – 7 Days from the date of payment made! I know there are services who claim to give your website within an hour or even a day, but when it comes to functionality there is none and you might get frustrated with an incomplete website that is of no use to you!

Follow up is valid for 3 days from the day of final payment. you may ask any questions about the working of your website, how to set up a theme, how to change a theme, how to add widgets or more

Hosting Plan – You pay 100% at the time of booking so I can get started with your project.

Newbie Aspirant  | Small Business Owner– I offer two small investments for the website building in Newbie aspirant plan. One installment (70%) is paid upfront at the time of booking to get me started with your project. Second Installment is paid on the 7th Day before the Delivery of your complete website! 

Follow – up

(Maintenance Plan) 1st 70% payment is made to book a consultation slot and complete payment before the session starts on first day (no exceptions here)

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