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8 Outfits to wear after this pandemic is over
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8 Outfits to Wear After this Pandemic is Over!

Do you miss dressing up and having fun with your girlfriends? Or have you been mourning that cancelled date night? Regardless of how badly this pandemic has thrown over all you plans and trips, let’s stay optimistic. These amazing 8 Outfits will inspire you to look forward to beyond this time of uncertainty and keep …

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Timeless Inspirational Style Quotes

Inspirational style quotes to raise your self style quotient that actually can get you rolling and give you some much needed inspiration. Fashion quotes you can live by! Have fun browsing! If you loved the quotes you can find more from me on Pinterest! Click below and start pinning your favourite quotes Click here

corona virus lifestyle blog

Corona Virus – How to keep calm in global crisis!

Corona Virus and how to keep calm tips are just what you need in this time of global outbreak. With the corona virus pandemic, the world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Now the thing is there are few factors about corona virus that we cannot really change, however, as challenging as …

what is boho fashion
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Bohemian (Boho) Fashion for Summer 2020

Characterized by long tiered flowing (often sheer) skirts and dresses, peasant tops is what you may call BOHO fashion! And if you think of the accessories wooden and crystal jewelry, fine embroideries are another interesting element that defines Bohemian fashion. Boho fashion can also be considered as expressing the adventurous streak of yours. A carefree, …

how to wear sheer top and dress
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What To Wear Under Sheer Clothing? Read Tips

Ever bought that gorgeous shirt or a dress online only to realize later that no matter how gorgeous it looked online or in store it is actually transparent! Learn how to wear sheer clothing with perfection! Now you could do two things, either return this fabulous piece of clothing and sulk later on OR simply …

how to apply perfect lipstick
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Apply Perfect Lipstick Every Time Meticulously – Read

Smudged lipsticks are something that is not what a stylist like you would want right? Read these super easy and quick steps to help you apply perfect lipstick every time every stroke. Tame your chapped lips Lips are an important part of your facial features. They tell how good care you take of your body …