Before you learn about being period positive or the mere idea of period positivity as a concept, you need to know why this need comes into play. So today let’s talk of the most ‘untouched’ topic,,, ssshhh its Periods! 

What is Menstruation?

Menstruation, or period, is normal vaginal bleeding. This is a part of a woman’s life as it happens every month for 3-7 days. Each month the uterus sheds its lining if the body isn’t pregnant. Yup, it’s that simple! So why all the ‘hype’ around menstruating women and menstruation, lets see!

Today, I chose to write an ‘oops’! Sensitive topic if you please… or at least you think of it as sensitive while it’s completely normal!

Stigma Around Menstruation in the Traditional Society

In the traditional society of modern days, the topic is still seen as taboo. Here, the cultural and all the social influences are a hurdle for advancing knowledge about the menstrual cycle. Culturally in large parts of the world, it is still seen as dirty and impure. In homes, too, this topic is never discussed. 

So there is this social stigma regarding menstruation in even so called “modern” homes. In many cultures, women are prohibited from doing many works, such as going to the temple or carrying out daily chores as usual. Many people also claim that menstruating women cannot do well at work, completely baseless and illogical.

This stigma around menstruation is nothing but a poor mindset, a rigid attitude towards the human body and its changes! So what can we do? Well that’s what I am talking about next…


Self Love and Period Positivity

So what is period positivity now, hmm? Being period positive is first of all accepting periods as a normal thing and stop going bonkers on the mention of it. Secondly, promoting a healthy culture in our society of menstruation being a norm! Creating this ‘period positive’ environment starts with you.

Personally, finding ways to feel like you are the best version of yourself can do wonders. Accepting who you are is important. It does not matter which part of life you are in, but it is very important to choose and love yourself everyday. 

Keep your body and individuality foremost. Women are taught to keep others first, be a nurturer, and be a perfectionist. But it’s high time you realize that you are a human, you are who you are. Nourishing your body, respecting your body, giving it the time and the care it deserves is for your own good!

Having love and respect for yourself will always help you with everything you do. Don’t forget you set examples when you take care of yourself. Be a proud human and a proud woman too.  

Female Body Acceptance to Eliminate Period Stigma

Shy is the word that we usually connect with being a female. If you are a woman, you are shy – as weird as it sounds – it is embedded in our mindsets. Social conditioning of modern society just puts way too much pressure on women being too feminine. But when it comes to menstruation, the rules are changed! 

By feminine body acceptance I mean that women should not feel any shame while discussing the topic of menstruation. It’s a part of life! The change begins within. Be it men, women, elders or younger kids. Talk! Discuss the topic with ease, the more you talk of it, the more casual it will become someday! The menstruation stigma won’t disappear overnight and you have a long way to go, but the change begins with you!

Having a more inclusive menstrual cycle and health education for all people can help accelerate change. This should be a part of basic education, and it should be for all. This education should also continue in secondary school, as this is when the teens progress to puberty, and they all have evolving needs. The only ‘bad’ its going to do, is our kids will become better parents! Voila, how does it get better than that?

Period Poverty & Double Societal Standards

Now it’s not unusual that periods are only connected to women. As a matter of fact men and women are equally affected by the ‘periods problem’. Period poverty is the lack of availability of sanitary products for women in areas/regions of a city/country. The pink tax takes it one step further and exaggerates the period poverty for those women or girls who simply cant afford to have proper sanitized menstrual hygiene.

Strong superstitions and a negative mindset about menstruating girls or women around the world has further added to lack of sanitary pads, tampons, clean water, beds or even clothes! 

What can you do? Help adolescent girls in need

There is more information on Period Poverty

Wrapping Up!

What’s the big deal? Menstruation isn’t a big deal, if you really want to know what the big deal is … It is your mindset, It is the fact that so many young women are deprived of basic sanitization during their periods! The way you look at the word menstruation will create all the changes.

Menstruation simple natural process, and nobody has to feel ashamed. It is high time for our society and the world to accept it. It is very important to discuss the topic at home to end the social stigma. This isn’t a flaw, all women should feel confident, love themselves, and then accept who they are…

the creator of this world!

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