Nainital is a beautiful serene city located in astonishing Uttarakhand. I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful city in the perfect weather of snowfall in December 2019. This place is not limited to one single destination, it has many pleasurable sites to visit and explore.

This picturesque little city undergoes a pleasing climate all year, making it a famous tourist destination, particularly by families and honeymooners. There are many lakes for you to explore in Nainital area such as the Naini lake, along with the other lakes in the area such as Bhimtal lake, which has merited this town the title of ‘City of Lakes’. 

Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of snowfall or simply want to breathe in the refreshing air of Nainital. If you are planning to visit Nainital then you should also savour the local delicacies like Momos and Thukpa, buy some super cozy and affordable casual wear at the Tibetan Market and the epic Mall road.

So what are we waiting for, let’s get started…

Day 1: The Journey Begins

where to visit in Nainital
when to visit nainital

New Delhi to Kathgodam

I am in Delhi and the best way to reach Kathgodam is by train. Its a convenient 6 hour long journey and from there you can easily book a cab from your hotel. As you exit from the fast moving lives of a metropolitan city like Delhi, you will most probably enjoy this scenic trip to kathgodam. We were traveling in Shatabdi chair car, that is quite a comfortable ride I felt! As you exit the noise of your daily routines and move towards serene getaway like this, your brain automatically rewires for some time away from yourself (if you know what I mean 😉

In December, Nainital is at its coldest... Be extremely cautious of this. Take your favorite woolens and fur jackets to get perfect pictures. Additionally you should take some cosy knit caps too
Nainital Trip
My Window Lane
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We covered this distance in roughly six hours. Once you reach Haldwani station you will start experiencing the scenic views from the train window itself and you know then that you are quite close to heaven not literally obviously ha ha

From Kathgodam we hired a local cab, you will find plenty of drivers right outside the railway station bargaining and calling out the names of various destinations and areas around Nainital area. It is now all up to you how good you bargain and reach your destination in time. The people I felt are quite helpful and are not aggressive as we would typically find in a high paced city where people are trying to push things onto you or sell you unnecessarily 🙂 But obviously when you are away from your home, act less like a typical tourist and don’t let go of your common senses since you are in a new area. Making a long story short we hired a small cab for Rs 800 to Jeolikote, where our homestay was. Hotels in Nainital area are all about your choices. It is up to you how and what you’re going to Nainital for you. For example for me and my husband this was more of a getaway from work lives and chill. Instead of higher paced hotels in the center of the mall road area of Nainital, we chose this “homestay” style small hotel in Jeolikote which served perfectly for our trip. 

Looking for Best Places to Stay in Delhi Area?

Nainital Uttarakhand
Nainital in winters
where to stay in nainital
Jeolikote Nainital
where to visit in Nainital

Jeolikote is a small hill station in Nainital district. It also has many structures built in British era. It has excellent air quality and is a very open area where you can get a lot of sunlight. Many people call it a Gateway to Naini Lake too. Jeolikote is not very hyped and hence less crowded it acts as a halt for people traveling to Nainital. The temperature is super cold in December so remember to take shawls and some good amount of warmers there. 

Jeolikote to Ranikhet

Day 1 trip was aligned already for Ranikhet since we were not looking for the city hustle. Ranikhet is a very beautiful place. It is a hill station in Almora district. It is one of the top tourist areas in Nainital area. Our itinerary included some very serene places in the area.

  1. Jhula devi
  2. Upat golf course
  3. Kumaon Regimental Museum
  4. Sunset point
  5. Kalika temple

An Escape to Magical Mukteshwar

Day 2 trip was planned in advance just like ranikhet’s trip since Mukteshwar is just another gem in the lap of majestic mountains of Nainital. This place cannot be missed for sure!

Itinerary for Mukteshwar trip

Mukteshwar Dham Temple

  1. Chauli ki Jali
  2. Tea garden
  3. Himalaya Darshan
  4. Apple Garden

And last but definitely not the least

 5. Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls

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waterfalls in Nainital
Tea garden Nainital
where to go in winters in India
where to visit in Nainital


Places you could visit in Nainital are

  1. Naini Lake
  2. Naina Devi Temple
  3. Neem Karoli Baba Ashram
  4. Mall Road
  5. Governer’s house
  6. Tibetan Market
Nainital 2020 Chauli ki jali

The good thing about this place is everything is cut off from the most hyped cities, so you are sure to experience some calm moments with yourself and loved ones. No season is the right season I believe, this is a round the year destination for you to visit. Rainy season can be avoided just to be safe and sound, I guess. I visited it for the New Year’s celebration for 2020. So winters are super chilly, keep warm & carry plenty of warm clothing.

If you are with kids or elderly then waterfalls and trekking are something that you should be avoiding. But no worries you have plenty of lakes, temples and markets for you to splurge and enjoy. I also loved the beautiful clean temples that literally make you feel that you are in God’s own land. The temples however are old-fashioned, you might consider wearing full clothes (no dresses I mean). Temples are believed to carry highly positive vibes in Nainital and must be respected by all visitors. 

If you are planning to shop then Tibetan market has some really cool and affordable nitty gritty souvenirs as well as clothing items. You should definitely consider buying some cute small gifts for friends or family back home.

Make sure to book your cabs and hotels in advance to avoid last minute cancellations and unnecessary stress.

I hope you have a great time. Feel free to comment and ask if you have any questions about the trip. I will figure out and help so you can have beautiful memories in Nainital. Love & Light to you!

sunset in Nainital
Kathgodam Railway Station
Tea garden Nainital

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