Vintage Fashion – A Tradition of the Fashion Industry

There is a surprise for you at the end if you ADORE! Vintage fashion and would love to own it! πŸ˜‰ wink wink

Vintage Fashion is a unique style! It just does not go out of fashion! It stays and stays for a very long time!

As the title must have suggested to you we are exploring the Vintage fashion today. Also why Vintage is a key milestone in fashion, why we keep referring to it and why it will always keep coming back to us…

Vintage fashion, be it clothing, hair accessories or jewelery, has a higher worth than the most expensive labels from the fashion industry.

So first, think of what is Vintage? Well Vintage is a very simple word with a very rich meaning to it. It denotes a product or a trend of high quality that has some character to it which makes it special or unique. It could be a print, a pattern, a dress material or a style that made its mark in its era and is still alive and accepted with open arms.

Here are some timeless pieces from what I found searching all over the internet so I could bring these amazing pictures to you. Ready? Lets Start

Little Black Dress from 1920’s

A must have 1950's Little Black Dress...with Pearls, a Bow and a Sweetheart neckline.:

Pleats – The Vintage Keepsake

Pleats seeks their past in the history of Egypt and beginning of the 19th century when Mariano Fortuny rediscovered ancient Greek peplum, creating a dress, called Delphos, using pleated silk.


In the 1770’s (when huge hairstyles were fashionable) the β€˜calash’ bonnet was worn to protect the high hairstyles from the weather.

Hair Comb seeks its origin somewhere around 3200–3100 B.C.E. Egypt

Vintage hair comb French ivory Spanish comb by DragonsLairVintage:

Hope you enjoyed the post about Vintage Fashion. If you too own a vintage piece do share pictures and your comments with us.

As I Promised

Here is a list of amazing vintage stores online to satisfy your Vintage Sweet tooth πŸ˜‰ I hope you find amazing stuff just as per your requirement

And as I leave for today here is your dose of interesting informatic handouts!


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