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Amazing Skin Care Tips For This Holi 2020- Must Read

How to save your skin during Holi? If this is the question that is revolving in your mind. Then here is the answer. Holi (Indian Festival) is close at hand and we are more than excited. With the parties and Gujiyas (Indian Sweet) this is going to be just another awesome festival time. But here is the catch, Skin care for Holi is something you don’t want to miss.

Info: Holi 2020 : 10th March 2020

As we all know that Colors are an important part of Holi. So that brings us to our topic for today. I will be telling you some awesome ideas to save your beautiful eyes and your delicate skin this Holi. Read on to discover skin care for Holi tips n tricks

Holi’s Significance:
Holi is a spring festival to say goodbye to winters. In some parts the celebrations are also associated with spring harvest. Farmers after seeing their stores being refilled with new crops celebrate Holi as a part of their happiness. Because of this, Holi is also known as ‘Vasant Mahotsava’ and ‘Kama Mahotsava’.

With listed proemial steps, rest assured for your skin care for Holi! Let’s get started

Insist on playing with herbal colors! I know this might make some of your peers go ohh come on! But safety and health are some things you don’t want to compromise with.

Wash Your Face, Hand, Skin with clean water. (yup this is important read on to understand why?)

You want to apply petroleum jelly, oil or good moisturizing body lotion. This will Moisturise your skin and this layer will protect your skin from absorbing the colors.

For Eyes

Skincare for Holi

Dab a little eye cream | castor oil or an eye cream/gel under your eyes. Massage this around eyes with light hands. Do not use a lot of eye makeup (unless it is 100% waterproof) you don’t want kohl getting washed into your eyes. You can always make yourself look stylish by adding a great pair of sunglasses into your collection 😉 (never let your fashion quotient down ok 😉 😉

For Lips

Skincare for holi

You want to apply a nice layer of petroleum jelly (trust me this works like magic). Now proceed with your favorite lipstick color. This will not only make your lips look kissable 😉 but is safe too without drying them.

Your Luscious Hair

Don’t we all love our beautiful tresses? And if they get dry, frizzy
and unmanageable, your style goes right out of the window that very minute. So what you do? You bring out your favorite hair serums and oils out of your beauty closets. Now you want to put and massage mainly your scalp with these. You can also use hair serums along the length of your hair. This will not only protect your hair from harmful chemicals. It will make sure your hair looks fantabulous even after hair wash post-Holi.

Holi celebrations (Significance of Days)

Holi is not a single day festival. Here goes the list

Day 1 – On full moon day we celebrate – Holi Purnima – this marks the commencement of the festival.

Day 2- This is also known as ‘Puno’. People take rounds of the bon- fire in a clockwise direction to seek the blessing of the God of fire. It signifies the end of Holika (evil intentions towards another) Read more on Holika Dahan

Day 3- The last and final day of Holi celebrations. On this day colored powder (Gulal) and water is poured on each other.The deities of Radha and Krishna are worshipped and smeared with colors in many places in India. Read More on Holi and Radha Krishna Significance

For Body Parts

Try to wear Full sleeved clothes and cover most of the body parts if possible. However if you wish to show some skin make sure you apply a decent amount of body lotion or a good quality moisturiser before hand to avoid any dryness or reaction from colors.


You want to wear light colour clothing to keep you cool under the harsh sun. Yes, you will start playing Holi and sun will be shining on you in no time (3-4 hours will pass pretty soon). So you should be prepared!

And Now

Post Holi Skin Ritual

You have played holi, tried pretty much everything on the menu and took last time Holi revenge from your friends and siblings 😀 and are now super tired. Try not to go to bed without washing off.

Always Always Always wash yourself and take a nice lengthy shower. You might want to add essential oil drops to your bath tub or bathing water. Use a good quality scrub to exfoliate and release all the stuck bits of colors.


After the shower, you will again want to moisturize your skin with oil (olive or coconut) dab nicely around the eye. Moisturizers work wonders to moisturize and soothe your irritated skin after holi. You may also apply aloe vera gel instead of a moisturizer.

So I hope these all tips come in handy and you have a great great Holi!

If you have any questions feel free to send us comment.

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I love you

Take care and a very Happy Holi 2020!

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