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how to be a successful blogger
Bloggers Corner

7 Secrets No One Tells you about How to be a Successful Blogger!

You often wonder about how to become successful blogger in your niche? Well I have been in the blogging business for eight years now and now I can say with confidence that when it comes to successful blogging it needs perseverence. It takes time and dedication and care of a newborn baby to make your …

winner oscars 2019
Fashion News

Oscars 2019 – Rami Malek bags the Best Actor Award…Report

The most awaited event of this year 2019 – Oscars! Fashion industry’s love of Oscars is electrifying and overwhelming. We can never have enough of this exotic event and who wear what on this special ceremony. Let’s explore 91st Academy awards. History of Oscars The first Academy Awards ceremony took place 1929 Oscars, founded by …

nail art ideas for 2019

9 Amazing Nail Art Ideas|blogs – From The Perfectionists!

Are you always on a lookout for your next “nail-art” ideas. But you are still conflicted between the solids or patterned nails. Here we have compiled you the top nail art bloggers from around the world. Have a look get inspired and if you have already tried them, Let us know how was your experience! …


Deck Out Dungarees – Fashion Trend That Lives On!

Definition : a garment consisting of trousers with a bib held up by straps over the shoulders, made of calico, denim, or a similar material and worn as casual or working clothes. Dungarees! This one is the item that we overlook in our everyday styling. We wait for that particular “casual” day out and sadly …


Flavours of Red – Colours That Are Eternal

If the color red frightens you or you belong to the group that believes that red is not your color, this post shall make you friends with this color. To start with what you wear and color you wear is YOUR choice , nobody should be permitted into that territory of yours. Wear what you …

Fashion News

Iconic Karl Lagerfeld Bids Goodbye! Fashion Industry

With a heavy heart the fashion industry bids goodbye to legend Karl Lagerfeld. He Died in Paris on 19/02/2019. He was 85 years old. The Last Show: Although he couldn’t attend his final show for Chanel, his presence was still felt in silhouettes presented in the show at the Spring/Summer 2019  Inspirational Personality: Karl took work …